Back when I was helping Andy Proper put the finishing touches on his Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint, I asked him if I could snag a related tip or two to put out here on the blog for everyone.

He of course obliged.

So I started by asking him to do was to cover a couple of ways you can LEGALLY compensate real estate bird dogs.

(Side Note: You DO realize that what most real estate courses teach about compensating bird dogs is illegal in most states, don’t you? Hint: Most of the time, you CANNOT just pay a “finder’s fee” for deals they refer and you close on.  Realize it or not, it’s flat out against most state real estate codes — unless your bird dog is licensed.)

Having said that, Andy outlined two specific strategies you can use right off the bat to LEGALLY compensate your deal finders.

  1. The option method
  2. Pay-per-lead

Then I took our conversation and made a nifty little video out of it….

Oh, and about half way through the video I decided to offer my own personal option agreement for download at no charge – just as a related freebie to be helpful.

I’m still going to do that, but I’ve actually decided it deserves it’s own full-fledged post, and I want to make a quick video walking through how to fill it out.  I’ll have that done in a few days, so watch for it.

In fact, I may just start giving away free real estate forms from time to time if you guys are interested.  I don’t believe my paperwork’s “magical” but it works fine for me, and I’d gladly share what I can.

Let me know (in the comments) if you’d be interested in this or not.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the tip from Andy.

PS…If the concept appeals to you, you can find out more about the Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint here.

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