Avoiding the Opportunity Trap

By: Brad Wozny, Author 6 Figure Syndication Secrets

Why Your Business Will Get Punished If You Don’t Remodel It Now

Did you know that the top 5% of the wealthiest people in the world earn nearly 90% of its income?

That’s because there’s a major problem that plagues every financial freedom-craving, money-making, opportunity seeker out there. It’s something that the economic elite have recognized and conditioned themselves to avoid because this problem follows the other 95% of people around like an unknowing shadow.

Often, the problem is so subtle that the signs are missed, and it causes entrepreneurs to put themselves through an unnecessary hell over and over and over again until one day, they finally get fed up, pack up their bags, and sit on the sidelines of temporary defeat.

What’s even worse is that this problem creates a nasty habit in the human psyche, and the cycle begins to repeat itself. Eventually, they become upset with their work environment, feel that they’re truly not earning enough, and get up the guts to jump back in the game. While they may see a win or two when they first start out, they’ll inevitably spiral downward into a financial abyss of defeat once again.

The problem I’m referring to here has a label called “opportunity.”

How the Top 5% Think Differently

There’s a key difference that separates the top 5% of the investors who earn much more than a full-time income from part-time effort … and those who work hard, spend lots of money on programs, books, and weekend trainings, but end up going nowhere quickly.

Those elite investors who have a rock solid investment business which is sustainable and grows are able to do so because they think strategically and not opportunistically.

The following two lists demonstrate what I mean.  Which one are you?

The Average Opportunistic Investor:

  • Deal presents itself, jump right in
  • Scattered, has no plan, “Just wants to make money”
  • Switches investment strategies and tactics whenever market masses do
  • Believes they must equip themselves with every strategy, tactic, software system, and tool available to be successful

The Top 5% Strategic Investor:

  • Deal presents itself, pursue only if fits their strategy
  • Has specific goals and institutes processes to “grow a business”
  • Switches investment strategies and tactics only after their business goals are met and are then reassessed
  • Acknowledges and understands that only several strategies, tactics, a few business basics, and key tools are necessary to have a considerable financial impact and build a massive business from home

Putting Property Investing and Home Businesses into Perspective

No matter how you cut it, the opportunity seeker is doomed to complete failure every time. The opportunistic investor is one who is guided by emotions. And friends, making decisions based upon emotions instead of level-headed thinking that looks at the facts and sticks to basic business and investment fundamentals … well, it’s extremely dangerous.

Bottom line? EMOTIONS = COST. And emotions have no place when it comes to investments. Period.

In fact, whenever I’ve worked with my coaching clients, or spoken in the workshops where I’ve taught throughout North America, I drill away at this point very hard.

Unfortunately, all too often, I see the people sitting in their chairs rolling their eyes or politely nodding their heads while they quietly urge me to “move on to the good stuff.”  And for them, the “good stuff” is just strategies and tactics.

I truly hope you’re not one of those people.

I hope that for your own financial sake, you take this particular lesson to heart and see it for what it is.  If you ignore this powerful, yet simple, lesson, it will indeed cost you your business down the line…and perhaps, even your credit, what you have in your bank, and even everything you own. I guarantee it.  So, stay away from this trap.

Here’s How to Change Your Mind…

From now on, think strategically about everything you do in real estate…

If you have been doing so thus far, kudos to you and keep it up. If you haven’t been, change that behavior and mindset this very instant, and look upon yourself as a strategic real estate investor and business owner rather than an opportunity-seeking money-maker.

A key lesson for you is to match up your goals with your needs and locate the one or two (never more than two) strategies that map back to those criteria.

For instance, if you have very little cash in the bank, and your financial goal is to have a six-figure bank account within 12 months, you need to focus your energies on assigning contracts and double-closing properties. You need to avoid deviating from this business strategy whenever the supposed “next great thing” comes along.

But that’s not enough. The second big challenge you need to overcome is how to distinguish your business in order to stand above the competition and survive today’s marketplace.

Surviving Today’s Ultra Competitive Marketplace

The landscape for building a real estate investment business has changed drastically over the past quarter century. The nature of the beast today is that any investor faces the following……

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About Brad Wozny:brad-wozny

Former forest firefighter and Search & Rescue qualified Infantry Reservist Brad Wozny considers the day he stepped off the 80hr/week corporate treadmill to be “One of the BEST days of my life…”   Within his first 93 days as a real estate investor, he pocketed more than 11 times his annual salary, and now enjoys working whenever, wherever, and however he wants.

Brad is also the highly acclaimed author of the “Shock and Awe Doctrine”, a free report outlining his blueprint for building a 6 figure income and a 7 figure net worth through real estate state investing.

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