Landlord Form - The Way Things WorkIt seems far too long since I’ve posted a new free real estate investing form…so here you go, folks!

Honestly this is one of the handiest little forms in my new tenant packet.  Basically it restates a handful of crucial items from the lease, and does it in plain English so I KNOW we have a crystal clear understanding.

Step 1: Watch the Clip

In this short little video (from Starbucks after just having signed up our most recent tenant) I’ll walk you quickly through it, explain the purpose and mindset, and my personal approach I take when explaining it to the tenant.


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Step 2: Download it, Use it

You can click here to download (and freely use) this form yourself…

Keep in mind, it’s also already included in my packet of 53 free real estate investing forms (which you should download for yourself if you haven’t already).

Step 3: Comment, Share, Pay it Forward

Within a couple of hours of uploading the above video, I already had a couple of comments on my YouTube account about it…

Deviant6969 has made a comment…
I have been giving a early discount on my homes and it works great. I also include that they cannot call me for anything under $50 in repair cost during that month, That money is to be used for those minor repairs, gas for your mower, etc.

bwingy has made a comment…
I have a dumb question it says rent can be dropped off in person then the next line says we do not accept payments in person.Can you explain that some or am I missing something with that.Great videos by the way!

And that’s before I even had time to post it here to REI Tips.  But it gave me an idea: Post your own Landlord Tips in the comments!

As always, I love getting your comments and follow up questions to the post.  But the one guy gave back with his own little tip in his YouTube comment.

So what about you?  Does this bring anything useful to mind worth sharing with the community here?  Then bring it!  Leave it in a comment below!  Pay it forward!

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