I try not to post over weekends, but some angles on this are pretty time sensitive.  So sooner rather than later, you should check out…

An Interview You Really Need to Hear…

If you receive our email updates, then you already know that Friday morning I had a chance to corner short sale guy Josh Cantwell on the phone and fire off an array of probing questions about his 63 pg Short Sale Manifesto 2.0 (which he temporarily re-released last week as a free download).

I was going for kind of a “behind the music” look at some specific tips and tactics for today’s market, especially regarding some real eye-openers laid out in his manifesto.  And I even asked (via email) for you guys to offer up some questions of your own.

Let me say, what I got was about half an hour of pure gold.

The interview just went very, very well and I urge you to give it a listen as soon as you can.  Josh unexpectedly shared a few things that, frankly, I’m not even sure why he did.  I’d think it would be stuff he’d save for “the inner sanctum”.

3 Specific Reasons You Should Listen…

Min 7:161 New Trick Just Tripled Their “Yellow Letter” Response Rate
This is a brand new tactic he tossed out that’s been directly responsible for tripling their direct mail response rate.  He says he’s only ever shared it one other time – at their live bootcamp last month.

Min 21:02Josh’s Personal Transactional Funding Sources
We’re talking names, phone numbers and websites here folks.  People you can contact and use for transactional funding yourself, pulled right out of his rolodex.

Min 25:52“The Catch”
I asked him what’s really going on…why re-release the Short Sale Manifesto now? …what’s it all leading up to?  Full transparency.  So if you want the real deal on this, no shenanigans, then here you go.

There’s a lot more than that, but I’m short on time, and that should be enough!

I definitely recommend you listen to my half hour interview with Josh – you’ll be glad you did.

Also, if you haven’t do so already, downlaod a free copy of the Short Sale Manifesto – print it off and consume it.  He takes it offline early next week.

Download a free copy of the Short Sale Manifesto 2.0…

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