"Please Mr. Potter...can I have eighty grand for this killer short sale deal?"One of the shiniest silver linings of today’s real estate market is how there’s no shortage of incredible deals right now.  Especially if you can make strong, cash offers and have the ability to close quickly.  A small fortune is calling your name.

But with the banks tighter than ever, investor loans a rare find, and hard money all but dried up, the clear choice for savvy investors who aren’t already cash rich is to find yourself a private investor funding to support your deal junkie habits.

That’s right, I’m talking about average folks who have some extra money available and want something better to do with it than they’ve got going already.  AKA “private money guys”.

And so enters you…under-capitalized real estate deal sniffer…and the low-risk solution to their low return problem…all you gotta do is smile real pretty, bat those eye lashes and ask….but……

Just…Can’t Find the…Words….to Say…….

Here’s some exceptional advice from my good friend, fellow blogger and Private Money Blueprint author Patrick Riddle.  And in 3 minutes 17 seconds, see if his little “Jedi Mind Spin” doesn’t just take a little of the edge off popping the question…

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Also, If You Need Private Deal Money…

…then you should seriously consider joining Patrick’s Private Money Blueprint material.  I’ve personally reviewed it and it’s top notch.  And I don’t endorse just anything.

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