FreedomSoft Review: This is an honest, original “Freedomsoft” Review, and was updated for the most recent version. If you’re considering this software, please watch and read below (even the comments)...

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OK, guys. So if you’re reading this right now, then chances are you have some interest in Preston Ely’s real estate investor software called Freedomsoft. But flashy sales copy and fancy videos aside, there’s one glaring question that needs to be answered…

When you take a good, hard look past all the headlines, the fancy videos and even Preston Ely’s larger-than-life personality  — The glaring question still remains: When you strip away all the marketing hype…

Does FreedomSoft Really Stand Up On It’s Own?

Well I’ve had some exposure to it personally. In fact I was offered the chance to tinker around under the hood in advance of most people (since I own this here fancy real estate investing blog) and I graciously accepted.

But let me say, more than a few have noticed that, amid the promotion barrage, I’ve been strangely silent up to now – and yes, it was intentional.  My reasons for this are explained pretty well in the video above, but basically I’m starting to rethink the whole “everyone emails about everything all at once” thing. So jumping on the hype bandwagon and making a Freedomsoft review wasn’t exacty top on my list.

But it turns out some folks actually care enough about what I think to go out of their way to ask.  I’ve had more than a few folks asking me directly to share my frank and honest thoughts on it, good, bad and/or ugly.  Which is ultimately what convinced me to take the time to go ahead and do a candid, honest Freedomsoft review.

I’ll Be Honest…

I kinda already figured it would be pretty well done from the get-go. After all, the guy behind the actual software development (No, not Preston or Pete — another guy who’s waaaaay behind the scenes) — this guy’s like a brother to me, and known for being a thousand percent committed to exceptional quality in every project I’ve ever seen him tackle.

Freedomsoft Review Update 1: The “Secret Guy” behind the scenes actually stopped by and revealed his identity in the comments below. Bet you recognize him. Keep reading…

So I had high expectations already. And I must admit I was quite impressed. But what I didn’t expect was how much they were building into it – in terms of the list of features. Apparently they took their “all-in-one real estate investing solution” idea a lot more seriously than I gave them credit initially.

Freedomsoft Review Update 2: They’ve also added a gaggle of shiny, new features to the “Reloaded” version, which I’ve highlighted in brief below for you…

Freedomsoft Review: A Few Strong, Personal Cautions…

Yes, after using this personally, I can say Freedomsoft is a really powerful piece of real estate investing software. Not just in it’s deal manager functions, but also because I’ve personally tested and used it to pull up viable property leads, thousands of cash buyer leads and a few hundred private lender leads – all in my local area and all in about 3 clicks.

But before you move too fast, please realize what FreedomSoft really is — it’s software. Now yes, they’re throwing in a bunch of other stuff — and some of it pretty darn alluring for sure. But at it’s very core, this is a business tool — a powerful one, yes — but it’s not an actual business. Please be careful not to confuse the two.

And don’t make the classic “bright shiny object syndrome” mistake of letting all the marketing and hype surrounding this convince you it’ll run your whole 7-figure real estate operation while you chillax on a Hawaiian beach.

With all that this fancy software can apparently do, it can and will powerfully multiply your REI business efforts when and if you actually apply it…BUT…if your business is still sitting at zero, friend…well, zero multiplied by anything is still zero, isn’t it?

So for starters, you need an actual real estate business for FreedomSoft to do you any good, OK?

Having said that, I’ll say this: As a business power tool for serious real estate investors, I’ve honestly never seen FreedomSoft’s match. There is one software product out there that could be considered comparable in many respects (Open Road) but they’re also different in a number of ways…and even the mastermind behind that software is promoting FreedomSoft right now. Which says something I think.

A Few Unanswered Questions…

Here are a few questions I don’t know answers to …but that deserve mention in an honest Freedomsoft review…

  • For their comps…where do they get the data?
  • Buyer/seller/landlord leads on demand…again, where are the leads sourced from?
  • Can you import your own contracts, forms and letters into the big, fancy forms editor thingy? Or are you limited to only what they have in there?

Freedomsoft Review Update 3: Andy from Freedomsoft stopped by personally and answered these questions (and yours) for us in the comments below this post. Read on for straight answers you won’t find on any webinar.

FreedomSoft Review: What’s New in “Reloaded”?

These items bear further explanation, but in the interest of brevity, here’s the short-but-impressive list of 8 fancy, new things (in addition to everything it already does for you)…

1.   One-Click Direct-Mail Marketing. (Lists provided too)
2.   Automated & Tracked Direct-Mail Drip Campaigns (literally just a few clicks)
3.   45 New Website Design Templates (and you can have as many websites as you need/want)
4.   New Customized Squeeze Pages for Load Mod, Landord, Motivated Seller, & Private Lenders
5.   Drop-Dead-Easy Website Editor (seriously)
6.   “Make-Your-Own Contract” Builder (You can even upload & auto-fill State-Approved contracts)
7.   Contract Package Builder
8.   “Anywhere” Website Integration. Want to keep your domain and website? Plug it straight into           Freedom$oft.

And here’s a quick screen-grab of what all’s inside “Reloaded” (from a recent webinar they did)…

Freedomsoft Review

What To Do?

First, if you’re considering this, put on your “hype blinders” and be as objective as possible in your review. I hope my experience in the video above helps…but in the end, only you can decide if this will be just another impulse buy or a real game changer for you.

My suggestion? Focus On The Demo Videos…

At the time I’m posting this, if you scroll down the software description page a little there’s a list of short “behind the curtain” videos, that pretty much lay out every single feature you need to understand to give this thing a fair assessment.

As a very analytical guy, I’m thrilled to see them do this, and above all else I strongly urge anyone considering FreedomSoft to invest a few minutes to review these short videos if they’re still there. It’s the best due diligence you could do in your own Freedomsoft review, and should really help gel everything for you.

freedomsoft review

Private Bonus: Get Access to the Full “Kiss Flipping” Intensive Training Series Free (Actual $997.00 Value)

As part of my honest Freedomsoft review, I’m happy to offer my own special, private bonus to anyone who feels FreedomSoft is an ideal investment for your business. And thematically it’s a really great fit with what F$ does.

Most of you are probably familiar with our Kiss Flipping training — it’s a surprisingly simple roadmap to making big money flipping houses in today’s market. Essentially it’s Bob Norton’s entire “Keep It Simple Stupid” model for flipping deals in today’s arena. Folks are having GREAT success following this blueprint with us.

Normal tuition for this training (when it’s open) is actually $997.00, thought right now it’s quite literally closed to new members. But I’ll gladly open full, unadulterated access as a free bonus to anyone who invests in FreedomSoft through www.FreedomSoftIsHere.com (my tracking link) and then emails me their FS purchase receipt afterward. (See 2 steps below)

Look, the way I see it, the one glaring hole in FreedomSoft is that it’s NOT really a business model — it’s a business tool. So matching our KISS Flipping training up with it as a complimentary bonus makes total sense. It finishes the package for you. Hand in glove.

Freedomsoft Review: In Summary…

Understand Freedomsoft is not a “virtual money printing machine” and it’s not going to guarantee your success or fulfill your wildest fantasies. Only you can do that — and so far it still takes more than mere software to make that happen.

But my honest-to-goodness assessment is that it’s extremely well done, and if you have an REI deal-doing business, could be a serious (maybe even game changing) asset to your real estate flipping business.

And with that, I hope you found my honest Freedomsoft review helpful. My aim is to be of value in the discussion as you consider what’s right for you.  I hope I’ve done just that.

My best,
freedomsoft review


freedomsoft reviewfreedomsoft reviewfreedomsoft reviewfreedomsoft review

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