You remember the free option agreement form and video I gave out recently? Here’s another one for you...

Today it’s my “Quick N’ Dirty” buying contract — specifically the one I use for wholesale/quick flip deals…and even more specifically when going “belly to belly” with an individual seller (i.e. non-listed property)

I think you’ll be glad to see it’s about as simple, plain-English and non-threatening as you can get.

Granted, it may not be the most comprehensive real estate contract around — but for that you can go to your local board of Realtors.  And from time to time you probably will.

But I like this one a lot because it’s notably lacking in bloat, but I find it gets the job done real nice for me.

1) Start by downloading a copy of the contract for yourself…

Click HERE to get your wholesale contract

Quick Note:

If you’re a Mac user, do whatever it is you Mac folks do to download stuff.The form is in MS Word (.doc) format.  If you don’t already have MS Word on your computer, then Open Office should do the trick for you (and it’s open-source freeware).

Oh, and I’m giving you a personal license to use this document in your own real estate business.  But please don’t sell it or give it away yourself.  If you know of someone else who would benefit from this, please send them a link to this page so they can come here and get it themselves.

Why?  Because I’d like to give them the chance to become an REI Tips subscriber…just like you.  🙂

2) Then watch the “how to” videos…

Here’s my short, 2-part video walking through this form, how to fill it out and how I use it specifically.

Real Estate Purchase Agreement, Undressed – Part 1

Real Estate Purchase Agreement, Undressed – Part 2

I hope you find it useful, and I’d really appreciate hearing any comments you may have if you could please share them below.



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