Hold onto your hats, folks. This one’s pretty mind blowing…

Have you heard about the “sweetheart deal” One West Bank got when they purchased Indymac’s junk from the FDIC?

They were basically spoon fed a no-lose situation…but one that’s absolutely costing mom and pop taxpayers (i.e. you and me) more than a few arms and legs here…

Click below to watch the expose’ below, then sound off in the comments with how you feel about this slap-in-the-face deal…

Holy Smokes, Indy!…

  • Thanks to One West Bank’s “sweetheart” deal with the FDIC, they will actually earn BIG BANK for any Indymac loans that go to short sale or foreclosure.
  • Any “losses” taken for any short sale or foreclosure is calculated in such a way that One West Bank just CAN’T LOSE.  Like a reverse Kobayashi Maru.
  • Now it makes sense why loan mods are so darn hard to work out! They have an big incentive to NOT work them out!
  • And now the FDIC needs to start borrowing money from the Treasury (i.e. taxpayers) to make it all work?? Talk about a double whammy!! How many ways can they rob us??

Whoever said it’s good to have friends in high places wasn’t kidding around! Seriously, it’s just this kind of tom foolery that makes us want to scream, “Does the freaking government really want to clean up this mess??”

If this one doesn’t make your blood boil, either you don’t get it or you’re one of the bad guys.  So I’m eager to hear your thoughts below.  And remember…

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”



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