Well hot damn, I have something amazing for you today — my personal review of the Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap. Ok, ok… Cam and FBF are the good parts, but my review ain’t too shabby 😉

Hey there, JP with you… I’ve gotta tell you, I just had an awesome journey working (virtually!) side-by-side with Cam as he produced this terrific real estate foreclosure training: Family Bank Funding. So, I’m here to tell you what Family Bank Funding is, why it’s so remarkable and some of the awesome goods you’ll get from it.

Think about this…

A brilliant but also simple step-by-step system that details how you can zero in on foreclosure properties in the super-profitable surplus opportunity market and crush deal after deal almost anywhere in the United States.

Sweet, right?

Well, I know you’re going to love Cam’s new unique training program about foreclosure homes for sale, just like I do.

For real — Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap is REI awesomeness that gives newer investors everything they need to profit quickly while helping people along the way. This program shares exactly what you need to flip your first pre-list or post-list foreclosure deal as soon as possible by focusing only on the details you need.

How, you ask?

Check this out…

What is Family Bank Funding anyway?

Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap

It’s all about foreclosures. Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap is for newish investors who want to learn a proven method for bringing in great profit, over and over again, by embracing the surplus opportunity market.

Sound good?

Well, then Cam’s training program is for you. It’s unlike anything else because it gives you a major deep dive into the foreclosure arena and teaches you how to tap into and systematically profit from it AND dominate — while learning from the best and brightest.

Here’s the thing… Cam has been an active investor since 1993. And, he’s been teaching others the beauty of REI, and especially foreclosure deals, for a whopping 25 years.

So when Cam talks, we listen…

Family Bank Funding training by Cameron Dunlap is broken up into 4 main video presentations:

  • Each module is filled with details and actionable info
  • All of the videos and audios are easy to watch and understand — and thoroughly and carefully explains the entire foreclosure process
  • And: enjoy extras like “Amplifier Training” sessions, resources, tools, scripts and more

Plus This: Through Cam’s FBF, you’ll learn how to use their transactional funding for your deals at no cost. Yeah, free funding, thanks, Cam!

What Do I Get from Family Bank Funding?

Well, in Family Bank Funding you’ll discover:

  • Best Strategy: why wholesaling is awesome
  • Listings: how to get MLS access legally
  • Mindset: thinking the right way to reach success 
  • Lots-o-Lists: finding pre-bank, pre-list and post-list foreclosure deals
  • Opportunity: understanding and embracing the surplus opportunity market
  • Agents: make friends with Realtors
  • Funding: free funding from FBF for deals!
  • Helper: as you profit you also help people
  • 5 Ways: several ways to fund your deals 
  • Accelerate: quickly get started wholesaling foreclosures
  • Same Day: how to double close with ease
  • Paperwork: the contracts you should use
  • Foreclosures 101: from soup to nuts
  • Search: easy ways to find the right sellers and buyers
  • $: all the details about which lenders to work with and which to avoid 
  • Analog: DIY methods
  • Agile: easy button methods
  • Property Scouts: why you’ll want to hire them
  • Inch Wide, Mile Deep: the power of focus
  • Ads: Cam’s best marketing strategies
  • Talk the Talk: how to have the best conversations with buyer and sellers
  • Price: how to price your deals the smart way
  • Check: the quickest way to get paid
  • Offers: how to make ALL the offers 
  • Exit: which strategies to focus on
  • Close: what closing looks like, what to expect, mistakes to avoid, best practices
  • Pro tips and so much more…

Bottom Line for Family Bank Funding 

Ok, Family Bank Funding gives newer REIs everything needed to earn money quickly with foreclosure properties in a surplus opportunity market. And, you’ll get Cam’s expert guidance, tools and steps you can take right away to become a wholesaler of foreclosure real estate. You’ll see how to quickly help people out of difficult situations and profit at the same time. Win/win.

So, take a look at this short but detailed video, reviewing this remarkable new training program. 


Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap

Cam Dunlap is a mentor, inventor and dealmaker. He’s been investing since 1995 and teaching others his real estate investing and foreclosure strategies and methods since 1993. See, not only is he a skilled investor with loads of real-world REI experience… but he’s also an innovative genius, who happens to be a generous and humble human being. His positive attitude and humility to learn from his mistakes in the School of Hard Knocks allows him to share his previous challenges, so you avoid them. You’ll see that Cam is super passionate about teaching and helping people through the foreclosure process learning curve in a fast, easy-to-understand way. I strongly encourage you to drink in this amazing opportunity.

So, Cam Dunlap is the guy you want as a teacher and coach— just do what he says and you’re good to go!

With Family Bank Funding training, Cam breaks down the whole foreclosure process, teaching you exactly how you can dominate the surplus opportunity market.

Look, in nearly any U.S. market, you can achieve success with his strategy. You’ll be able to smash the profitable niche of foreclosure properties — quickly and easily. 

I really encourage you to check it out today — I’m pretty sure that Family Bank Funding would be great for you.

If you think it’ll be a good fit for your REI business, take a look at the official press release about it here.

Enjoy… JP, out!

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