OK, I need to get something off my chest. If you’ve ever struggled with reaching your REI goals, or wrestled through “bright shiny object” syndrome, then this may sting a little…but it’s for your own good…

Ah, the Easy Button…

Everyone wants an easy button. Just press it and get-rich-quick.

To be honest, it is everyone’s dream to some extent (mine too).

But sorry (chuckles) rarely does real life ever really work that way. Reality is, most anything worth pursuing always involves some level of trial and error…

Some level of pain before gain…

Some confusion, scraped knees and more than just a little blood, sweat and tears along the way.

Welcome to Real Life…

In your business, yes, there is actually work, effort, and focus involved make money and make it consistently. At least at first, until you’re able to crack the code on systematizing and running things like a CEO rather than a technician (but that’s another conversation entirely).

But some people paint a different picture for you, don’t they?

An alluring, seductive picture of fast riches, instant success…

WAKE UP – You’re Not Being Given the Whole Picture!

And yet people constantly continue to buy more and more products and services that promise push-button riches.


First off, because people are inherently lazy. There, I said it.

Also, the fact is, it’s easier to just go along to get along, and suffer through the status-quo, than to apply yourself and put in the effort needed for accomplishing a proper goal.

So the dream of easy riches just won’t die. It lives on and bleeds good money out of your wallet for product after product and seminar after seminar, that so many of us are being seduced into buying because you won’t let that Easy Button dream die.

My Real Thoughts on REI Education…

Now let me be very clear here: I firmly, unequivocally believe that your education in this business is hugely important.

I’m also not one of those people who thinks it shouldn’t cost you anything. You should always be willing to wisely invest in your education, and committed to actively doing so on an ongoing basis.

Consider this, from one of the late, great minds of our day…

“Formal Education (school) will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

Wow. And this has been proven over and over again, hasn’t it?

For this reason I’m always self-educating….

  • I’m always sharpening my mindset (inner game)…
  • and my real estate skills and strategies…
  • and my business building skills.

And so should you!

So you may be asking quizzically, “How in the world are the two things you just said congruent with each other?”

Well they are, and here’s why…

The Art of Always Extracting Value

First of all, make no mistake, I’m not slamming all guru products, or even most of them.

Some of them are really exceptional and yes, some of them are crap, and there’s a lot in the middle.

But the truth is, you can almost always learn something worthwhile from anything you’ve ever invested your education dollars in…and frankly that should be the way you look at it.

If you’ve heard my back story, then you probably remember me describing the first real estate investing course I ever purchased as basically a box of garbage.  But I also always share that, at that point, I had two choices:

(1) To play the victim, have a pity party, and throw up my hands in disillusionment to the entire REI industry who must be trying to scam me, or

(2) Let my disappointment strengthen my resolve to not fail at this, and to get my $600 dollar’s worth out of the material by extracting what I could of value from it (even if most of it was poorly done).

I’m so very grateful that I chose option 2.

Bright Shiny Objects Galore

brighty shiny objectBut here’s the deal: A commitment to sharpening yourself with ongoing self-education does not mean you have to be constantly moving towards whatever bright, shiny object happens to be in front of you at the moment.

And let’s be honest: That’s exactly what a lot of compulsive, nervous self-education addicts do… you constantly stay tuned into whatever’s new and zingy…

…and you drop cash like a crack addict on whatever hit someone offers you…

…all with no real plan or vision for your business, other than to make piles of money and retire on the beach with umbrella drinks.

Ask me how I know about this?

(A) My own story from years past,

(B) And literally hundreds and hundreds of newer investors I’ve been able to interact with personally in the last 13+ years.

So many people are now addicted to the easy-button concept and dialed into a steady drink of guru kool-aid, and just keep buying more and more products (without implementing any of them) because they’re convinced they just haven’t bought the right one yet.

Sorry to burst your bubble…

But no course will grow arms and legs and start implementing itself on its own — YOU are the one that has to actually DO it.

And by far, the best way to do this…the only prudent way to do it, is to first admit you have a problem with education gluttony…no let’s call it addiction.  Admit that under the surface you’re constantly jonesing for the next course or seminar that’ll make that easy button feel only one more step away.

Then, make yourself actually craft a plan. And I mean a real vision for your business.

What kind of real estate investor are you?  This is where a little trial and error might come into play actually… No one says you have to nail it the first time you stick your flag in one particular type of REI biz model. In fact, I’d say few actually do get it right the first time.

After devouring Rich Dad, Poor Dad back in the day, I was convinced that landlording was the way to “passive income” and wealth for me. No one could have convinced me otherwise… I had to experience it for myself before I finally realized how (and exactly why) it’s not at all an ideal fit for me.

Planning Makes Perfect

But even if/while you’re trying to figure it all out, ultimately you need some kind of plan in place, so you have something to filter information up against.

And whenever you’re looking to consider investing in another bit of education, be brutally honest with yourself for a minute…get an accountability partner to hold your feet to the fire on this if you have to, but ask yourself honest,

“Is this congruent with my current REI business plan? Will this take me closer to it, faster, or possibly run a risk of sabotaging it or slowing me down?”

Also, are you making this decision based on fear, scarcity or fear of loss primarily? Or sound due-diligence and consideration of your goals, overall strategy and plan.

Then…force yourself to TAKE ACTION. Take the steps. Make it happen. And follow-through relentlessly. Then, and only then, you’ll finally start earning the big bucks. Not before.

Look, here’s a fact: You’ll never 100% know everything you feel like you need to know in order to execute perfectly…successful people don’t

Consider this powerful quote from a truly great and legendary leader:

"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." - Gen. George S. Patton

BOOM! Now stop dreaming of the Easy Button. Get real. And then get movin’.

And keep educating yourself, but not in a bright shiny object kind of way. Instead focus on a proven system for success, and only go for things that are congruent with that plan that I know you’re going to be crafting for your business now …right?  ; -)

Did I Strike a Raw Nerve?

Let’s hear about it. Whether you agree or disagree, if this gets your goat in any way, please leave a comment. Let’s talk…

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