I’ve got a question for ya…

What if I told you there’s an incredible new real estate investing training program that details how regular RE investors can make a solid income with an easy-to-follow process?

So, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you totally want to know that process is, right?!

Well, the systematic process is finding “hot pocket” areas full of default deals — pre-foreclosures, mortgage defaults, tenant defaults — and helping people in those situations get out of them, while making some REI cash along the way.

Hey there, JP here, to tell you about this awesome new program for new and seasoned investors…  Default Deals by Peter Vekselman and Julie Muse.

Without further ado, let’s get to it…

This innovative and unique training program teaches newbie and pro investors alike how to easily find default-driven deals in just about any U.S. market, structure those deals and then close for a nice payday. How? 1. By leveraging Peter’s experiences and insights to quickly accelerate any investors growth and profits and 2. tapping into the “perfect storm” of loan/tenant/mortgage default deals in your target market.

Default Deals by Peter Vekselman and Julie Muse

Peter and his business partner Julie Muse share all you need to know to crush the lucrative Default Deals strategy.

Here’s what the Default Deals training program looks like:

  • A series of packed informational training modules—videos and audio.
  • Loaded with extras: tools, resources, “amplifier training” bonus sessions and more.
  • Easy-to-understand media that explain and demonstrate the default-driven deals process—from using 5 benchmarks to find “hot pocket” areas to learning 3 kinds of Default Deals and how each is used, to structuring Default Deals 4 different ways, then taking you all the way with the winning formula of negotiating to closing. All of which leads to: REI money for you.

The genius behind Default Deals, Peter Vekselman, is an REI expert and negotiating ninja! He and Julie teach you their formulaic process, so you can regularly find and close on default-driven deals across the United States, bringing you some sweet REI cash, while helping people out along the way.

Default Deals is perfect for investors who are ready to boost their current real estate investing business AND for those who need to focus on one proven strategy to finally take action.

Default Deals Goods

Well, Default Deals does all this and more:

  • Old Glory: In nearly every corner of the U.S., learn about perfectly targeting markets and properties.
  • Show Me the $: Use Peter and Julie’s expertise to deal after deal for profits and more profits.
  • Food or Areas: Learn how to easily find ‘Hot Pocket’ areas across the country filled with default deals: tenant defaults, loan defaults, homes in default, etc.
  • Just 1: By focusing on just one niche strategy of default-driven deals, you’ll become a master in no time.
  • Seasoned: For investors who’ve been around for a minute, this strategy can boost your already thriving business to even higher levels.
  • Pick 3: Have your pick of 3 specific kind of Default Deals: tenant, financing, transition.
  • Newbies: Focusing on 1 proven method lets you create and then grow your REI biz, fast.
  • Within Reach: Reach out to sellers with calls, mail and skip tracing.
  • #4: The 4 deal structures and why each serves a different purpose for default-driven deals.
  • The Goods: Tons of useful best practices, extras, pro tips and hacks to becoming a successful Default Deals investor.
  • No Wheel Re-Inventing – Use the same 4 baseline criteria for every kind of Default Deal.
  • Get Paid: How to get to the closing table, quickly and easily.
  • Julie’s Gems: Tips from a superstar investor.
  • Easy Button: Deal Driven app.
  • Swipe Away:  Peter’s awesome scripts and templates you can take and customize.
  • Ninja Negotiator: Take Peter’s master class in negotiating.
  • Um, no!: How to handle seller objections and close on the deal.
  • 9 Ball: Follow 9 simple steps to close.
  • Funding: Learn to finance deals with 3 options.
  • For the Win: Julie’s winning formula when chatting with sellers.
  • DON’T: Closing mistakes you’ll want to avoid.
  • Andddd: Tons more valuable info and actionable insight…

So… consider Default Deals your personally guided private default-driven deals tour by investor experts Peter and Julie!

Want to know more about the Default Deals training program? Heck yeah, you do! Take a peek at this short video that covers even more of the awesome. Enjoy.

The Default Deals Main Point

With Default Deals, regular real estate investors can help people out of troubling situations and make some great earnings while you’re at it. It’s all thanks to Peter and Julie carefully breaking down the Default Deals process from start to finish with easy-to-follow steps that get results, fast.

In Default Deals, they reveal their time-tested, proven method for finding “Hot Pocket” areas where you can structure Default Deals to your heart’s content — in a smart, systematic, repeatable way across the U.S.

Peter Vekselman + Julie Muse + Default Deals

JP Moses, President REItips with some good words: Peter Vekselman has been deal-making for 22+ years AND teaching students his REI default-driven deal strategies and methods along the way.

I believe he is one of the most skilled investors and negotiating experts there is… a repeat deal-maker, having racked up 3,600+ himself, he’s generously sharing his innovative way to do deals with default properties.

Not that we needed more… but his business partner Julie has her head in the game on a whole other level. Investing since 2013, after she rocked it as Peter’s student, she joined his team. With 1,600+ deals and $5M in profits, we can see why Peter saw a gem in Julie’s abilities.

Know why else I love these two — they’re humble and honest, sharing some of the many goof ups, so you avoid the mistakes they’ve made. See, aren’t just the best?!

When you watch the Default Deals training, you’ll see that Peter and Julie LOVE teaching their default-driven deals to other investors, so you, too, can enjoy the rewards from successful REI endeavors.

Alas, I cordially invite you to go all in with this genius new training from 2 expert mentors and coaches.

Peter’s training:

  • Distills down the entire Default Deals process into easy-to-follow steps that you can take action on today.
  • Accelerates your Default Deals journey with best practices, tools, amp sessions and resources.

The Best: Check this out — you can start doing this right now in just about any market in the United States. With Default Deals, you’ll be prepared to crush all kinds of default deals and properties with notices of default — like default tenants, mortgage defaults and pre-foreclosures. See, with Peter and Julie’s simple and straightforward baseline criteria, you’ll find tons of Default Deals in “hot pocket” areas across the country. Then, you’ll put money into the pockets of people who have fallen on tough times, which then helps them get out of those hard times. They win, and you win some REI cash.

Awesome, right?! Of course, right!

Well then, have a looksie at this official press release to see if Default Deals is right for your investing business. (Yeah, I’m gonna say it totes is!) I really think you’re gonna love Peter and Julie’s approach to default-driven deals.



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