Any seasoned wholesaler knows how truly important it is to have a strong list of cash buyers for your real estate deals — that is, folks who you know are actively buying investment properties, and have share their buying criteria with you.

But no matter how good you are at building your buyer’s list, every once in a while you’ll still come across a deal that just doesn’t quite match your current buyers’ criteria. The numbers may look solid, and it just smells like a deal, but there’s no one in your quiver already who’d take it.This can happen a lot with houses “in the hood” actually.

Cash Buyers Real EstateBack in my early days, I would tackle any deal where the numbers looked good, regardless of the area. Heck, my bandit signs and car magnet even said, ‘We Buy Houses, Any Area, Any Condition”. But one thing I learned fairly early on as a wholesaler is to never take one on in the hood, unless I already have an established, credible buyer who already likes that area. Otherwise it’s an uphill battle.

So No Apparent Cash Buyers for Your Real Estate Deal…What Then?!

Well let me share a simple, clever way you can quickly uncover active cash buyers for almost any wholesale deal, in any area, if they exist. It’ll cost you literally nothing but a few quick minutes of your time.

Here’s a video I made walking you through the exact process. You’ll look over my shoulder and literally watch me extract a new cash buyer from the ether.

Watch and Learn…

Recommend you watch this in full-screen mode so you can really see it…

By the Way…

I mentioned in the video that I use Investor Carrot for my real estate investing websites. Highly recommended. My boy Trevor Mauch runs the show over there, and these guys know their stuff, and know how to make their REI websites the perfect combo of uncomplicated, yet robust and effective. Also, they apparently get great SEO right out of the gate… I litereally started getting leads within a week of setting mine up, without even promoting my website anywhere. Crazy.

Anyway if you need a solid real estate investing website, you can find out more about them at REIpages.com. Enthusiastically endorsed.


So whenever you have a wholesale deal in any area where you may not already have a cash buyer lined up, I recommend you try this “buyer extraction” tactic first, before you roll the dice or put a lot of time into it.

What do you think? Speak up and lets hear your thoughts and questions below.


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