bandit sign staplerIf you’ve been around for a bit, then you may remember about a year ago when I posted a somewhat corny video I made with my friend Shaun where we highlighted the Bandit Sign Stapler.

“Bandit Sign Stapler Makes Hanging Signs a Snap”

I got a number of warm thanks in response to the original video – a lot of folks just didn’t know about this little gadget before.

Add to that the fact that we’ve added a few thousand new subscribers to the REI Tips community since I first posted that video.  So when I recently had the good fortune of running into the guy behind this elegantly simple little gadget at a real estate conference…

…well first I practically accosted him with how insanely awesome I think his creation is.  Then I nailed him down for a quick follow-up interview and product review for all my newcomers.  So I guess this is kind of like “Part 2” 🙂

If you’ve ever used bandit signs as a part of your motivated seller marketing strategy, then you’re going to LOVE what you’re about to see…

And what’s more, I kind of put him on the spot (you’ll see) so he lowered the price for REI Tips folks! Watch and see!

If you just gotta have one, you can pick it up from Alex at

And for what it’s worth (in case you missed it) here’s my original corny video again, with Shaun and I cutting up on this back lot with this thing.


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