Alrighty now, I have a question for you…

What if I said you can make passive income through transaction fees every single time someone buys or sells crypto around the world? 

I bet you want to know more, right?!

Well, here you go…

This step-by-step process gives you a unique view into the untapped world of liquidity pools. Automatic Payment Pools gives crypto investors a peek through a lens that most people don’t even know about — all thanks to “secret” intel and a proven track record of experience, with tons of demos — and even a mastermind. 

Hey there, Patrick Riddle here, to tell you about this incredible new Tax Yields program for new and, yes, even seasoned investors… Automatic Payment Pools by Andy Howard. 

Have a looksie…

Automatic Payment Pools expertly teaches crypto investors to systematically invest in liquidity pools and profit from this highly rare and highly unknown niche. This one-of-a-kind system shows you how you can become a liquidity provider and collect fees every time a crypto transaction occurs. 

But that’s not all. 

The truth is that to learn about liquidity pools, you must first learn how crypto and de-fi work. Automatic Payment Pools is for the expert crypto investor, yes, but by breaking down crypto fundamentals, such as it’s history, setting up an exchange account, getting a digital wallet and so much more, it’s also for crypto newbies, making the most well rounded crypto program on the market today. 

Here’s what the Automatic Payment Pools training program looks like:

  • A series of robust, informational video and audio training modules 
  • Loads of useful goodies: tools, resources, and more
  • A weekly live mastermind for you to ask any and all your questions, led by Andy Howard 

The brilliant creator of Automatic Payment Pools — Andy Howard — is truly a crypto expert! He generously teaches you his liquidity pools process, so you can generate income through fees — whether the market is going up or down — anytime a crypto transaction occurs. 

Automatic Payment Pools is ideal for any investor — those who’ve just begun reading up on the new frontier of crypto and those in the digital trenches who want to increase their earnings and hedge against inflation.  

Automatic Payment Pools Awesomeness

Automatic Payment Pools does all this and more:

  • Getting Started: breaking down crypto fundamentals 
  • Action Plan: set up your digital wallet, crypto-only email address and join an exchange
  • Vocabulary: understanding smart contracts, coins & more
  • Fears: how to combat them
  • Security: how you can secure your crypto assets
  • Confidence: invest confidently 
  • Risk: reduce it 
  • The Future: project your profits with precision
  • Impermanent Loss: what it is, how to deal with it
  • Exchanges: how to navigate CoinMarketCap
  • Transaction fees: what they are, how to profit from them
  • Live: attend a weekly crypto mastermind 
  • Pro tips: throughout modules
  • And much more…


I want you to think about Automatic Payment Pools as your personally guided tour by crypto expert Andy Howard. 

By now, you might want to know even more about the Automatic Payment Pools training program, right? 

So, take a look at this short video that shares even more of the awesome. Enjoy.

The Automatic Payment Pools Main Point

With the Automatic Payment Pools program, everyday people like you and me — even if you have no crypto experience! — can enjoy great paydays investing through liquidity pools. It’s all thanks to Andy breaking down the Automatic Payment Pools process from beginning to end — step by step— with easy-to-follow steps that get results quickly.

In Automated Payment Pools, Andy explains his proven methods for profiting off digital currency — in a super-smart, systematic way — so you’ll enjoy great paydays. 

And, Andy demonstrates everything in a very thorough yet simple way in the program. 

Andy Howard + Automatic Payment Pools

Patrick Riddle, President PMBP with some nice words: Andy has been investing in crypto for many years, and he loves teaching others his strategies and methods. 

But it wasn’t always that way. 

Andy, an entrepreneur for 17 years, a business owner and an investor in stocks and real estate, didn’t buy into the crypto hype. In fact, he made fun of it. 

But when he realized it was going away — it was growing — Andy took a hard look at it and realized not only is crypto making historic technological breakthroughs; it was a proven way to preserve wealth, protect against inflation and earn passive income.

Fast forward to today, and he has built a 7-figure long-term crypto portfolio with a liquidity pool. He’s also a consultant to a multi-billion dollar real estate hedge fund that is considering expanding to offer a crypto fund. 

Andy will be the first to tell you that he’s made a lot of mistakes along the way, but they’re mistakes he can prevent others from going through with Automated Payment Pools and the mastermind group that meets live each week. Thanks, Andy! 

When you watch the Automatic Payment Pools training, you’ll see that Andy loves sharing and teaching this truly awesome strategy, so people just like you can enjoy similar rewards from successful crypto endeavors. 

Now, I formally invite you to jump into this fantastic and unique new training from a genius inventor and investor. 

Andy’s training:

  • Shows you how to start investing in liquidy pools and maintain a profitable position 
  • Boosts your crypto knowledge with smart pro tips, helpful tools, amp sessions, resources and more so that you can spot future investing opportunities before anyone else. 

The Breakdown: You can start this strategy right away in the United States. 

With Automatic Payment Pools, you’ll be ready to crush the little-known opportunity of liquidity pools with expert direction from Andy, profiting handsomely along the way.

Sounds pretty great, right?

So… check out this official press release to see if Automatic Payment Pools is right for your investing portfolio. (I’m thinking it is!)

I really believe you’ll love Andy’s Automatic Payment Pools program. 



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