The following is my personal review of the Abandoned House Secrets landscape for you, to give you an idea of what it’s all about, who it’s ideally suited for, my favorite things about it, and more.

abandoned house secrets

Here’s something we can all relate to:

So you’re out and about doing one thing or another, when outta nowhere you happen to drive by a property that’s pretty clearly got ‘issues’.

Knee-high weeds and shrubs trying to consume whatever’s around them… mail spilling out… a broken window… orange sticker on the door — yup, it’s abandoned alright.

And then you wonder to yourself:

“Huh, self… I wonder what’s the deal here? What coulda happened to make the owner skedaddle like this?”

Or even better question:

“Self…I wonder if there’s a sweet deal to be had here? Hmmmm, if I could find the owner… could I maybe snag this thing on the cheap?”

Then comes the bestest question of them all:

“Woah, Self! What if I could systematically find and profit from abandoned houses like this one? What if I could find a way to really zero in on abandoned houses like this, and get the sellers calling me over and over again, hoping I can wield my real estate investing wizardry to solve their house problem, and make out like a bandit in the process?!”

Hey, that’s a great question! Here’s your answer…

Abandoned House Secrets by Sean Flanagan: Lemme sum up…

In the video above I pulled the curtain back on a new training program for real estate investors called Abandoned House Secrets (affiliate link). For the last couple of months I’ve been hunkered down with a couple of close friends Sean and Tracey Flanagan, helping them put this together… and quite honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.

The bottom line here is this: If adding a steady stream of solid abandoned house leads to your real estate deal flow would benefit you in your real estate endeavors right now, then this is something you should take a serious look at.

Abandoned House Secrets - Sean & Tracey FlanaganThese two (Sean and Tracey Flanagan) have been successful investors for the last 16 years, and have been very profitably exploiting the abandoned houses market for about the last 9 of those years.

But somewhere in the middle there, things got ugly. When the market crashed, their entire world and business came crashing down on them… a series of painful and unfortunate events that led them to discovering how to tap into the abandoned houses arena.

Let’s be clear about something: Abandoned houses aren’t really a “secret”. Most any investor inherently knows there’s great money to be made there… But it’s in the ‘how’ where the magic happens.

Truth be told, most investors have no clue how to really tap into the abandoned houses wellspring effectively. And that’s where Sean and Tracey have cracked the code.

So around 6 months ago, when Sean and Tracey first shared with me how well they’d been doing with abandoned houses, I knew there’s something special here and i wanted to understand it better. After digging in further, I can honestly say this: I’ve never heard of anyone else exploiting the abandoned houses market as effectively as these two. Especially when they got into some of the details of:

  1. how they find and get the attention of abandoned house sellers, and
  2. how they negotiate, frame, and position themselves brilliantly…

…this is some seriously impressive stuff.

So one thing led to another, and we convinced them through a little friendly arm-twisting to ‘open the kimono’ all the way for us, down to the nitty gritty details.

So here, take a look at the video above if you haven’t already and see if this is something you think might be a good fit for you right now. And if so, here’s the press release recently released with all the juicy details about it…

Check out the presentation yourself: “Abandoned House Secrets” Training for Real Estate Investors…

So that’s it — later, guys!

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