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I just wrapped up an interview Friday that, quite frankly, impacted me emotionally. It was raw, guts-level honest, totally unscripted, and focuses on some of my biggest personal weaknesses…

Automation, Systemization and Outsourcing…Oh My!

By now most of us have probably read Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth and/or Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week (if not, then seriously, where’s your head been? 😉 )

But here’s the deal: If I’m really, totally honest with you, I have to admit I have a real challenge connecting the dots between the day-to-day of my business and the whole “lifestyle design” thing. Try as I might thus far, I keep getting stymied and finding myself imploring,

“Is it really possible to set this thing up to basically run on auto-pilot?  Can I really re-design all this so that I work a whole lot less, rake in a whole lot more, and don’t have to feel ‘owned’ by my business anymore?”

Can you relate at all?

Meet REI “Systems Guy” Otto Reubsamen…

 Otto Reubsamen

I first heard of Otto from two of my “bestest buddies” Trevor Mauch and Cory Boatright. They basically described him as a brilliant “systems guy” with the following bullet points…

  • After flubbing a $300k income stream through a couple of big mistakes, he apparently learned some hard lessons.
  • He then recovered in a big way with a $600,000/year real estate business that takes (get this) only about 2 hours a month of his time on average to manage.
  • He’s now passionate about helping other real estate investors systematize their real estate businesses for rapid growth, predictability and amplified effectiveness.


Have I finally found someone who can connect the dots between “The 4-Hour Work Week” and how to apply it as a real estate investor?

OK yeah, I admit my “B.S. meter” went off a little too.  Which is exactly why I decided to call him up myself and grill him about it.  And after doing so, I can say I find Otto to be an impressively bright, inspirational guy who really seems to GET this systems thing. Our little chat nearly turned into a counseling session. 🙂

So if you’re like me and you struggle with how to automate your business, and enjoy more passive income with much less work, then please feel free to eavesdrop in on our little unscripted chat…

How to Get More Good Stuff From Otto…

If all this resonates with you like it does me, then maybe (like me) you also want to hear more from this Otto guy.

Click for Otto's Full "How To" WebinarIn our interview Otto mentioned a couple of interesting items – an eye-opening webinar recording and a real-world case study with Robert Elder one of his first systematization clients.

Here’s the eye opening “how to” video. It’s basically a webcast overview of how to systematize and automate a real estate business.  It’s Otto going over the systematization concept and describing how to get passive income from deals without direct involvement.  Recommended.

I’m also working on getting you the Robert Elder case study, and will post it shortly.

In the meantime, please listen to my chat with Otto, enjoy the webinar, and please share in the comments below how you feel about all this…

Click for more about systemizing the HECK out of your real estate investing biz...

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