Sold in 3 Days


Everybody knows it can be a P-A-I-N in the derriere trying to sell houses on the retail market right now.  Supply and demand is NOT in our favor, and in many cases last month’s wholesale price is the new retail ARV.

If you can feel me, then here’s something you’re going to want to kiss me for.

In this video, my buddy Shaun walks (and in some parts flies 😉 ) you through a brilliant, insider strategy he’s been using lately to sell 90% of his houses to hungry buyers in only 3 days.  In fact, in many cases he’s got a frenzy of buyers scrambling to out-do each other.  How’s he do it?  Find out now, and take notes.  This is something you can implement on your own deals immediately after you watch the video.

Also, you get to see him fly to the house in a helicopter. And that’s pretty cool. 😉

I originally released this as a “thank you” for registering for my big webinar jam session with Shaun. That’s all done now (replay is here for a limited time in case you didn’t catch it), but it seems a bunch of folks just didn’t end up getting this video for whatever reason. Which is why I’m posting it here!

Watch, learn and enjoy…

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