1 Minute Leads ReviewWhen I say that leads are the very lifeblood of our wholesale real estate operation, it’s no exaggeration.

  • Distressed property leads (i.e. deals)
  • Cash buyer leads (to buy our deals)
  • Co-wholesaler leads (to do JV deals with)

Without these things, our business grinds to a screeching, wallet-emptying halt. The more of these we have, the more our bottom line grows. And the faster, easier and more directly we can tap into them, the better for business.

Yeah, a no-brainer.

Which is exactly why I’m so excited about this sweet new software for real estate investors called One Minute Leads (affiliate link) that I recently got an invitation to test drive as a BETA user. So check this out…

1 Minute Leads, In a Nutshell

This thing was developed by my good friend and fellow real estate wholesaler Patrick Riddle, and in a nutshell this baby zeroes you right in in on super targeted leads lightning fast, then spoon-feeds you the direct phone numbers for them so you can just pick up the phone and call.

So in our wholesaling business for example, we’re now using it to immediately pull up actual, live phone numbers for local cash buyers and other local wholesalers for JV deals. They’re all quite literally about a minute away, after a few keystrokes and a single click.

All’s you do is:

(1) enter a couple keywords,
(2) add your city & state,
(3) click “get leads”.

Yes, that’s literally it.

Here, I made you a video showing how it works. Check this out and see how impressive the results are : -)

Feast Your Eyes:

So what’d you think? Pretty sweet, yeah?! I knew you’d dig it! : -)

Basically this is about the value of your time and effort. It saves you a veritable crapload of both in what would otherwise be (and always has been for us) a much slower, manual process of finding, sifting, sorting and organizing leads.

Watch the Presentation & Decide for Yourself

If you’re a real estate investor (of any type, not just wholesalers) then I think it’s definitely worth a look-see. Unless of course you enjoy doing things the longer, more tedious way 😉

To see more, check out the official press release about it here. And depending on when you’re reading this, it may or may not be available for the public yet. If it’s still in BETA, you might be able to stilly request an invitation to join the BETA users and help test the software like I did.

And to my brotien shake Patrick Riddle who thought this crazy thing up, I offer a well-deserved and solidly placed one of these:


So that’s it — later, guys!

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