(secret profits)If you’re a regular to the blog here, then the name Bob Norton is not new to you, and today our resident millionaire “wholetaler” extraordinaire has something special for you…

(Quickly, for the rest of you, he’s a former Janitor-turned-investor who’s become kind of an underground hero among wholesalers for having mapped out simple, straight-forward route to consistently impressive profits in today’s market.  If you’ve not yet heard him share his hybrid “wholetaling” model, then dude…seriously…where have you been?  The “Secret Profit” sessions are freely available for you here.  Download them for later if you must – just don’t miss ’em.)

(jp and bob)Below is a new video Bob just posted for you, briefly highlighting…

1) Who won the “Action Points” Flip Mino contest?

2) A special announcement for something cool we’ve decided to do for EVERYONE who took the time to leave a contest entry.

(And seriously, there were some excellent entries – thanks, guys. We’re glad to do something extra nice just for you (mentioned in the vide0) to show our appreciation.)

3) Announcement Re: Bob’s forthcoming, in-depth training sessions (now being opened up to the REI Tips community)

Regarding number 3, these are private sessions Bob’s already been planning as in-house training for his local coaching students.  Based on the recent feedback you guys have graciously provided, he’s decided to open it up for a window of time for those in the REI Tips community who would like to participate.

Please watch the video for all the details we have so far…


Thanks, and your comments are welcome as always.

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