VIDEO: “Wholetale” Deals and the Velocity of Money

So I recently ran across some footage from our last KISS Flipping Intensive event in Vegas.  I get requests for this kind of stuff all the time, so I thought I’d post some of it for you.

Now just to be clear, this is from a handful of clips I grabbed on my Kodak Zi8 while sitting right there in the room.  I have more clips like this, and if you’d like me to post them, I can.  Just let me know with a comment below.

This particular clip is Bob walking us through…

  • Analyzing live deals via the MLS
  • How “the pendings” are the key to your “wholetale” market.
  • What are wholetale deal characteristics?
  • The importance of the “velocity” of your deal capital…and more…

These events are really pretty darn awesome, and I think this should give you a solid glimpse of that — in-depth, intimate, and always tailored to the crowd that’s there with us. Enjoy…

Bob Norton’s KISS Flipping Intensive: Behind Closed Doors, Part 1..
“Wholetale” Deals and the Velocity of Money

So what do you think?

Want to see more tasty clips I have from this event?

Let me know with a comment below



JP Moses is a roughly-hewn man-child who first got into REI after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad back in Y2K and went full time in 2002. He's tinkered in everything from landlording to short sales to rehabs to Realtoring to REOs to notes to owner financing, blah, blah, blah...Till he finally stuck his flag deep into wholesaling and has since flipped somewhere north of a couple hundred deals.

JP's not a “guru” but also doesn't think it's a bad word. Among his core values are authenticity, creativity, big honkin' value, general fun-ness and being unshaven. He's super proud to be chief blogger guy at and host of the free REIology podcast. He also thoroughly enjoys sharing his 53 best real estate investing forms with anyone who wants them. You should totally check that out. 🙂

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Ed Reply

I love the video JP and yes please I want some more.

JohnGuild7 Reply

This is making me rethink how much (or how little) “fix” is needed for a quick “flip.” I’d like to see more.

Lear Reply

Hi Jp this video is awesome, I and everybody else would love to see more! Thanks!

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Robert Reply

great information i never thought about wholesailing to home owners. i would love to see more



Jared Reply

Love the video! Shows us a little insight on Bob’s methods and how it could be very benificial! Would love to see more info like this to gain more insight and info……been curious about it for some time now!

Hopefulhomesolutions Reply

I must be missing something. If a property is on the MLS selling at a certain price, and it’s not selling, why would a regular retail buyer want to pay more for it from a “wholetaler”? They could have bought it from any realtor at the lower price.

JP Moses Reply

A big part of what you’re seeing in the video is Bob assessing where the “wholetale” values are in comparison to what a retail buyer will pay for a “Clean REO” type of fixer. Something in need of sprucing, but financeable. Once you identify the “wholetale sweet spot” retail price, then you know anything below that is a great deal for you to buy and “wholetale”.

Example: In one opportunity market, you might see houses going pending in 10 days at 75% of ARV that homeowners are jumping on. Then you have your benchmark “sweet spot” and you’re looking for deals below that, that you can turn around and flip to that “wholetale” market.

As for how you find them in the MLS, it’s all about speed and being on top of the new stuff. Some of our KISS Flippers (Fred/Courtney come to mind) will check the MLS multiple times a day for the new stuff…speed wins…and is rewarded.

The deals really are out there…but sometimes you gotta keep your finger actively on the pulse of your little opportunity market in order to notice ’em before they get snapped up.

Make sense?


Hopefulhomesolutions Reply

Yes, now it’s clear! Thanks for explaining and doing what you do to help all of us along!

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Torrey Brothers Reply

Great Post!! Wholetaling is definitely the best exit strategy in this market.

Matt Rosen Reply

Excellent video from Bob Norton.

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