What the flip's going on in today's market?“…139 minutes of awesome.”

At least that’s what one of the emails I got afterward called it.

I’m talking about Tuesday night’s live training call with Bob Norton, Craig “The Equalizer” Fuhr and “The Haugs” (wrestling name left off by request).

What we expected to be around 90-ish minutes of chatting about what’s new and what’s paying off in the trenches of flipping homes today, turned into over two hours.  What can I say!…the great questions just kept coming!  What a problem to have…too much good stuff…too little time. 🙂

So here’s the full, vitamin packed training session for you…

I broke it down into 5 easier to digest pieces for you (you’re welcome).  You can listen here online or download, I don’t care. Just promise you won’t laugh at Craig’s “making offers on Scotch” comment.  (We really shouldn’t encourage him.)

Now enjoy…

Pt 1 – Special Announcement & What’s Ahead (28:22)
Download MP3…

Pt 2 – Then Vs. Now | Partnering (31:04)
Download MP3…

Pt 3 – The Hougs’ Success Story (27:19)
Download MP3…

Pt 4 – Live, Interactive Q&A (28:05)
Download MP3…

Pt 5 – Live, Interactive Q&A (24:36)
Download MP3…

Re: KISS Flipping Re-Opening

Please note the announcement that we’re re-opening KISS Flipping for a window of time starting Saturday, August 1st at 1pm EST.  We’re only brining 100 more into the KISS Flipping fold and we already have a waiting list. If you want a head start, then be sure you’re on the waiting list.  Fair warning.

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