After hearing some good feedback from my impromptu interview with Jack Bosch the other day, I decided to rinse & repeat…

…but this time, with Mark Jackson and Sam Bell, the guys behind tomorrow’s (10/1) “Virtual REO Investing” launch.

If you’re considering it, then I’d suggest you give our short chat a listen before you plop down your credit card.

Like last time, I made sure our conversation was unscripted and off-the-cuff.  My goal was to quickly wrap my mind around what “Virtual REO Investing” really is, what it’s not, who it’s for, etc…

…and let others do the same by eavesdropping in…


Some of what I candidly asked them:

  • A little about your background as investors
  • A birds eye view of the “Virtual REO” model itself
  • What exactly do you mean by “virtual” and specifically how is it applied in this model?
  • Why REO’s specifically?
  • Is this an investing model you actively profit from yourselves, or did you just make it up so you can write a course about it?
  • Can you describe a specific “Virtual REO” deal or two you’ve done?
  • How do you practically mitigate the greater risk of doing “virtual” deals, where you never actually lay eyes on the property personally?
  • How does “transactional funding” come into play? (and also, what IS it, and what specific resources might you recommend?
  • what’s different/unique about this compared to other education out there?

Clearly my aim wasn’t to hold punches back here.

So again, if you’re considering an investment in their material, you’d be wise to scroll up and hear our conversation first.  Personally I think it’ll give you a better vision for it than their description page will.

My best,


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