Than Merrill's Fortune Builder University ReviewSo Than Merrill’s “Fortune Builders University” (formerly known as “Wholesaling University) has officially opened its doors.

Posturing itself as, “…a systematic, classroom-style approach to continuing education in today’s wholesaling and real estate investing arena.” it makes some pretty bold promises.

Fortune Builders University: But will it really deliver?

I must say I’ve been intrigued by “Fortune Builders University” since it first hit my radar.

(And yes, it’s true – I was recently asked (and agreed) to contribute by teaching a module myself.)

But more importantly, I know some of my friends and colleagues here will be considering how these classes might be a fit for you, and whether you should invest your hard-earned education dollars in it.

Consider This Before You Buy…

Here’s a few things you should find helpful in your due diligence, including a private interview I had with Than just recently, in which we boil Fortune Builders U. down to its very essence for you.

If you’ve been around REI Tips for a while, you know how much I love unscripted interviews.  And Sunday night I got on Than on the horn and threw an array of questions at him, including:

  • Who are you, and what’s your REI business really like today?
  • What exactly is Fortune Builders University / Wholesaling University?
  • How did you come up with the idea?
  • With no shortage of REI education available, what sets this apart and makes it unique?
  • What will the training sessions really be like?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Is this a replacement or a supplement to a good wholesaling home study course?
  • Will there be any other discounts offered on your other products?

I think you’ll find this interview very helpful in processing how Fortune Builders University might fit into your continuing education as an investor.

Listen to a “Ruthlessly Benevolent” Chat with Than Merrill About Fortune Builders University…

Than Merrill ReviewIn addition to candidly answering all the questions above, Than unexpectedly threw in a few practical, real-life tips into the mix of our chat.  I may post them separately in the future (as REI Tips) but for now you’d do well to take a couple of notes when you listen, and learn about…

  • A window of opportunity for “Bulk REOs” today
  • The biggest resource for new leads in their business today
  • How to sell a house fast with a zip code / demographic list from Experian (a golden tip here)
  • Specifically how his biz has changed in the last year to compensate for today’s market?
  • His top 2 strategies for finding hot investor-buyers quickly (another hot one)

So I definitely recommend listening to our chat before you make a buying decision.

A Handful of Fortune Builder University Nuts-and-Bolts…

Short and sweet-like…

  • Our recording above was made before they opened FBU.
  • It’s now open and I’m happy to report you can test-drive the whole shebang with a risk-free trial first (a nice touch)
  • You’ll find a good bit of content already pre-loaded inside right from the start.
  • Content is specialized, and designed to be consumable at your own pace, digestible and practical.

In my final assessment, I for one am looking very much forward to seeing this new resource in action. And holding Than’s feet to the fire to make sure he delivers the value he’s promising. 🙂

If this resonates with you, then jump in and give Fortune Builders University a risk-free “test drive” here…

And as always, your comments are welcome.

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