What’s Working Now 2009

Tuesday, May 12  2009

Dear Friend,

So is this crazy or what?

Yes, you heard right.  Steve Cook (of FlippingHomes.com) and Shaun McCloskey (of ShortSaleWealth.com) are officially teaming up to present an unprecedented real estate investing training event that is entirely unlike anything the industry – and even Shaun and Steve – have ever seen or done before!

REI 2009: “What’s It All About?”

As you might have guessed, this is all about what’s working right now.  Today.  In 2009.

This is completely unique, totally fresh, bleeding-edge information that’s never been taught like this.  Its tailor made to equip, arm and push today’s real estate investor (i.e. YOU) to begin exploiting today’s new market and enjoying bigger real estate profits than ever before.

If you want to succeed in today’s evolving real estate arena, you need be equipped with the information they’ll be revealing with you at this event.

“How to Exploit a New Market…”

As you know, the rules are seriously changing in the real estate investing game.  The real estate market of 2009 is a horse of a completely different color for most of us.

Because of this, the sad truth is we’re now faced with a real estate investing industry teeming with people who feel battered, confused, unsure of how to make sense of it all, and all too often struggling just to make it.

But there’s also another group of investors today. An “in the know” group who are frankly not only surviving, but actually thriving in today’s market…and making more money than ever before.

These are savvy investors who not only recognize the once in a lifetime opportunity 2009 is offering, but have positioned themselves to extract big profits from it.

This event is tailor made to help you become part of this “in the know” group of investors.

Shaun and Steve will be focusing hard on teaching you how to start benefiting (and profiting) from some of the subtle-but-powerful differences in today’s real estate market.  They will identify new hurdles and how to overcome them, and they’ll also unveil brand new opportunities that most aren’t even aware of (and how to profit from them).

If you’re serious about succeeding in today’s ever changing real estate market, you should seriously consider what’s going to be openly shared by these two industry experts at this event.

“Specifically What Will I Learn?”

First off, please understand this is NOT a “business in a box” type of training event – at least not the live sessions.

Of course, everyone needs a solid foundation underlying their real estate endeavors.  To help ensure just that, Steve and Shaun are basically giving away the farm with their entire collection of “business in a box” REI courses (more later, but see the bonuses below…and be impressed 🙂 )

At this event Steve and Shaun will be “going deep” into 8 specific topics…

What Steve Cook will be teaching:

1 ) “How to Get All the Money You Need for Your Deals from Local Banks & Private Lenders”…

Small Banks and Private MoneyWould you do more deals (or deals at all) if the money was available?

We keep hearing that money is drying up and that no one can get money to do real estate deals anymore.  I don’t know where that is coming from because that is not the case for me and my students.  We have not missed out on, or lost one deal because money is not available.  As a matter of fact, we have more money available to us then we can use.

The problem that I see with most people is that they are too scared to ask for money, or more importantly they do not know how to ask.  The truth is, it’s scary to ask when you don’t know what to expect or how to handle the responses.  At this event, we’re going to teach you step by step how to deal with lenders, exactly what to say to them, and have them begging you to borrow money from them.  Yes, even in today’s market!  (and even though you may have heard differently…)

2 ) “How to Cherry Pick Great Deals from the MLS”…

Cherry Picking MLS DealsEver feel like there’s an ocean of deals to be found in the MLS, but not sure how to find them?

If you’ve been struggling to farm the MLS for profitable deals (maybe you’re even frustrated by the whole process) then you won’t want to miss this session!

The reality is, the MLS game has changed in 2009 as well. And there’s a reason you don’t find as many deals as you used to.  But if you understand how to work the MLS today, you can still cherry pick the absolute best deals for yourself. Which means more profits in less time, leaving you more time to do the other things in life that you love to do.

I don’t know of anyone else teaching it like this.

3 ) “The Art of Turning Inventory in 2009”

Turning InventoryI have one word for you- Value!

The markets have changed, and if you are stuck in the old way of thinking, you aren’t effectively selling anything today.  We used to be a nation that prided itself on quality, and we were willing to pay more for it.  This is not longer the case.  If you expect to get more for your quality product, you’re going to be sitting on a lot of inventory.

While there has always been a portion of the market that has focused on value, it is now the overwhelming majority of people who are seeking out value.  In fact there are very few people who are willing to pay more for quality in these times.

I’m involved in many deals and the majority of our deals go under contract within 14 days.  This is unheard of and for many unbelievable.  I’m going to share with you the secrets to moving inventory in 2009.

4 ) “Assessing Deals Fast: How to Know Your Values in Today’s Market”…

Assessing Deals QuicklyEver lose a great deal because it took you so long to assess the deal that someone else snatched right out from under you?

It takes time to get to know values, how to estimate repairs and make offers on homes.  The more time it takes you, the more likely you are to miss out on deals because you took too long to get the job done.

FACT: The best deals are often snatched up by those who are quicker than you, and you’re always stuck pursuing the “leftovers” from the investors who have their act together.  At this event we’re going to equip you with the knowledge, mindset and confidence to assess value and repairs quickly so you make decisions quickly, confidently and BE the early bird that gets the best worms!

A Word from Steve…

Steve Cook

“It’s no secret the economy is bad – everyone is talking about it. You can’t turn on a TV or pick up a newspaper without seeing it. Frankly this way of thinking is affecting and hurting a lot of people.

I have three words for you: Get Over It!

My closest students are not complaining. In fact, they’re all thriving in this market. That’s because rather than being scared by it all, we’re finding the new opportunities.

Get your head out of the sand! This is one of the best markets you will ever experience for making money. When everyone else is running away, you should be out there doing deals. I am. Think about it, there were more multimillionaires made during the depression than any other time in history!!! Those equipped with the right insider information always come out ahead.

If this strikes a cord with you, I invite you to join Shaun and I as we show you how to join us and start mining the acres of diamonds all around you.”


What Shaun McCloskey will be teaching:

5 ) “How to Cash HUGE Checks in High End Short Sales”…

Earn Big Money in High End Short Sales

There is an enormous, largely untapped opportunity to make BIG money in the realm of short selling higher end properties.  Don’t be intimidated by this – it’s not nearly as hard or as risky as you might think!

In the past 60 days alone, I’ve received an unprecedented number of thank you emails from students cashing mind blowing checks by short selling properties that are $200K above average for their area.

* One student just made $103,000 NET cash on a short sale flip.
* Another student recently made $86,000 NET cash on a short sale flip.
* Another student is closing a deal this week which will net him close to $125,000.

The truth is, it  takes the same amount of work to make $5K as it does to make $100K on a deal – so why not incorporate some of these bigger paydays into your business model?  I’ll show how to flip high end properties with brand new techniques no one else is teaching right now, and with no money needed from you!

6 ) “Never Pay for Marketing Again!  (How to generate all the fully qualified preforeclosure short sale leads you’ll EVER be able to handle all for the low cost of… FREE!)”…

Free Marketing!BEFORE: Not long ago I was paying $6,000+/month in marketing expenses to generate enough leads to keep the pipeline full.

NOW: As of 11 months ago, I COMPLETELY stopped paying for marketing.  My marketing costs are now ZERO dollars per month and I have more qualified  leads coming in than ever before.

How did  I do it? By crafting a foolproof system for generating leads by networking with real estate agents.  BUT…the way I do is far different than anything you’ve likely heard before.

I’m going to show you the exact step by step process that I used, and I now have more than 176 real estate agents sending me all of their very best pre-foreclosure leads, all with no cost to me.  I don’t waste time pre-qualifying leads or paying for marketing any more.

These days, I have realtors do all of this work for me.  When a short sale lead comes across my desk, I already know that it’s a qualified lead ready to sign on the dotted line, and it costs me absolutely nothing to generate!

This information alone is worth the entire price of admission.

7 ) “Advanced Short Sale Deal Structuring”…

Creative Deal Structuring

By far my favorite topic! Here is where we separate the big dogs from the newbies!  I’ll show you very specifically which short sale deals to go after today, and which ones to avoid, and why.

Did you know that there are specific lenders out there that have full permission to accept as little as $.05 on the dollar for a short sale without even getting their supervisors approval?

One of the advanced deal structuring techniques that I’ll show you has generated one of my students a recurring income of close to $1,500 every single month, all with  no more work than he was ALREADY doing in his short sale business.

I’ll show you how to be more effective when negotiating with multiple lenders, how to get foreclosure sale dates postponed almost every time, and how to know EXACTLY what to offer a bank to get the approval flip a house and cash a sizeable paycheck.

8 ) “The Art of Conversion”…

The Art of ConversionOne major hurdle that I’ve had to help many of my coaching students overcome is this:  Even when my students are successful getting leads flowing in through the door, many of the leads they’re getting come from sellers that are unrealistic or are dead set on staying in the house.

One student recently told me that close to 85% of his marketing leads were either unmotivated, unwilling, or just didn’t want to face the reality that a foreclosure was  imminent.

I’m going to show you a very specific process that I take each homeowner through that  converts them from someone that is dead set on keeping their house, to someone ready to literally hand it over to you – and you’ll be able to do this with integrity, hardly any effort and absolutely no high pressure sales tactics.  You’ll have sellers begging you to buy their house rather than you having to talk them into selling it.  Until now, this information has never been shared before.

A Word from Shaun…
Shaun McCloskey

“The bottom line is that there are a handful of people that are making a lot of money in real estate right now, and there a lot of others that are barely surviving.  My hope for you is that you’ll make a decision to be one of the few that prosper rather than the many who complain.

Real estate investing is very different today than it was just 18 months ago, but for those willing to roll with the changes, there are opportunities that may never be available again.  If you’ve ever thought about being a real estate investor, or if you already are an investor that finds yourself struggling with how to cope with the challenges of today’s real estate market, you MUST be at this event.”

These 8 topics were hand selected based on feedback we received from students and information we know today’s investor should be aware of.

Armed with this information you’ll be positioned anew to begin enjoying the same success many others are achieving today, and profiting from today’s market rather than being a victim of it.

“OK, I’m In! How Much?”

So let me ask you…How much would you expect to pay for such a powerful couple of days?

How much to gain access to not only jam-packed content but also to get “up close and personal” with two of the most respected voices in the real estate investing industry?

This is a “lean and mean” learning event, with absolutely no fluff and no parade of speakers. Nothing but our array of proven, hard-hitting tactics for 2009, laid out for you step-by-step.

We’ll pack each and every session full of “meat and potatoes” information, and top it off with extended Q&A to make sure you get ALL your questions answered.

$10,000?  Maybe $5,000?  Well, I’m not going to use some slick sales gimmick and tell you the tuition is priced at some ridiculously over-inflated amount, then lower it down to next to nothing.  I am sure you are smart enough to realize that’s just a marketing tactic.

What we’re offering you in this event and the big pile of bonuses has serious, real-world value…

…And is worth its weight in gold.

The regular tuition for this event is $2,997 – and for all that’s included it’s clearly an honest-to-goodness bargain.  But if you’re an “early bird” you can attend for the very reasonable (roughly half price) tuition of…

…Only $1,497

That’s it.  No games, no gimmicks.  And yes, this includes all the bonuses (free spouse, Lifeonaire event, and home study courses galore – see below!)…

Steve and Shaun have both sold out their most recent live events and due to the timely topics and unique approach of this event, we fully expect it sell quickly as well.  Seating is limited to keep classroom size small and personal attention/interaction with Steve and Shaun as high as possible.

And great news!  We’ve scheduled the same event for two different dates and locations.  And Steve and Shaun will be teaching at both events!  Just pick the city and date that works best for you!

  • Option 1: June 3-4 2009, Baltimore, MD
  • Option 2: June 17-18 2009, St. Louis, MO

“Yes, I Need This for 2009!”

But Wait! There’s More Because …

You Also Get These Three Additional Bonuses, Valued at Over $5,532.00 …

Who Wants to be a Lifeonaire?


2-Day Event: “Who Wants to Be a Lifeonaire?”

  • This is another (entirely separate) two day event occurring immediately after the two day real estate event!
    * OPTION 1: June 5-6 in Baltimore

    * OPTION 2: June 19-20 in St. Louis
  • Since you’ll already be in town with us for REI 2009, we want to invite you to stay for two more days and to participate in our life-altering Lifeonaire Vision Retreat.
  • You’ll be given a pass to attend our Lifeonaire event at no additional charge.  (Click here for more information about this event.)
  • To put it quite bluntly this event is life changing – a game changer for nearly everyone who attends.  Rather than focusing on the successful nuances of our real estate investing businesses, we’ll be sharing the much more important nuances in the way that we think, plan and take action that makes us successful.


All of Steve’s and Shaun’s REI Home Study Courses – The Whole Kitchen Sink!

While this event will focus on 8 super-niche topics for 2009, everyone needs a solid foundation underlying their real estate endeavors.  To help ensure you have exactly that, you’ll get included FREE these premier, full-blown home study courses from both Shaun McCloskey and Steve Cook…

  • The Complete “Short Sale Wealth Academy” and “Short Sale Intensive($1,997 Value)

    Short Sale Wealth Academy

    This is Shaun’s premier, masterpiece home study course on how to build a solid short sale business from the ground up and generate staggering profits in today’s short sale arena.
    This includes all manuals, CDs, DVD’s, etc. as well as access to the Short Sale Intensive private membership site which includes even more multi-media training, cheat sheets, a mastermind area, etc.
    You can review the full description of Shaun’s $1,997 course here, all of which you’ll get FREE with your attendance at the REI 2009 event.

  • FH Biz in a BoxThe Complete Flipping Homes Business in a Box($997 Value)
    This is the culmination of Steve Cook’s years and years of experience flipping houses in both the wholesaling (quick-flip) and retail (fix and flip) arenas.  It includes the Step by Step manuals for “Wholesaling for Quick Cash” and “Rehabbing for Big Cash” as well as all supporting audios,  videos, forms, Real Estate Investor’s Business Plan template, etc.
  • Flipping Homes Profit Machine IntensiveThe Flipping Homes Profit Machine Intensive Experience 4-Day Bootcamp Recordings ($797 Value)
    This was the largest, most in-depth event Steve ever put on. Period.  It reaches deeper than ever before into the nooks and crannys of the flipping homes business and delivers more value per pound than most people even thought possible.
  • Flipping FundamentalsFlipping Fundamentals – A Steve Cook 1-Day Workshop (DVDs) ($47 Value)
    This is Steve’s step-by-step, 1-day workshop (on 4 DVDs) exposing the Flipping Homes business.  Intended for beginners, you walk through what it really takes to capture real-world success in the arenas of wholesale (quick-turn) and rehab (fix-and-flip) real estate investing.

    You can read all about Steve’s courses using the links above, all of which you’ll get FREE with your attendance at the REI 2009 event.

This is unprecedented, and incredible deal and frankly, worth far, far more than the tuition for the entire event.


Bring Your Spouse Along, FREE of Charge

  • I encourage you to have your spouse with you to this event.
  • Why? Because I’ve experienced how invaluable it can be to experience something like this with someone else who will be traveling alongside you as your life begins to change.  More than just having them on the same page with you, you want them to actually experience it with you.
  • So if you have a spouse or someone else very close to you (father, brother, son, daughter, etc.) who you’d like to have attend this event with you, you need to let us know and we’ll gladly allow it at no additional tuition.  They can come with you, under your ticket – but we MUST know and approve of it in advance.  🙂

As you can see, the bonuses above have a real-world value of almost 4 times as much as the tuition for this event.

Your 100% Personal Money-Back Guarantee

Just to make sure that you are exceptionally satisfied with this event, Shaun and Steve offer you this guarantee: If by the end of the first day of this event you are not completely 100% satisfied – if you don’t feel you’ve already received more than your money’s worth, just ask for your money back.

Frankly if you don’t feel you got all of your money’s worth and more, we don’t want your money. We want you to come to the event feeling like you paid a small fraction of the actual value this event has given you. And we stand behind that wholeheartedly.

Our events always sell out and our students come back again and again for one reason: WE OVER DELIVER.  That’s why we can confidently offer you such a strong guarantee.

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“Yes, Please Reserve My Seat Now!”

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a transcription of Steve and Shaun’s actual answers.  Just click the question below to reveal it’s answer…

  • Q. “How did this event come about?”
    Shaun:  “I’ll tell you, Steve and I have been talking quite a bit lately about the biggest issues our students seem to be facing in today’s new real estate market. So much in the industry is changing right now, and I think you’d have to have your head stuck in the sand to not realize you have to do things differently now than you did three years ago, two years ago or even six months ago for that matter.

    So, we really wanted to get to the nitty gritty of what’s working right now and what issues are most investors struggling with right now. The fact is a few small changes can make a big difference in your business. So Steve and I decided to put this two day event together to cover as many of these topics as possibly to arm people with the tools and information they need to overcome some of these challenges.”

    Steve:  “One big advantage we have over most is that we’re investors ourselves, and we’re also coaches with a number of students all across the country.  So we really have our finger on the pulse of this market because we get to experience all of what’s going on in our own deals as well as those of our students. We know what’s working and what’s not, and we’re going to share from those experiences at this event.”

  • Q. “Who is this event ideal for?”
    Shaun:  “This event is for a couple of different people…

    First this is for anyone who is a relative beginner and absolutely serious about making strides forward in their real estate endeavors in 2009.  This would be a great fit for them.

    Also for experienced investors – anyone who already has “the 50,000 ft. view” of how an entire REI operation works, but is struggling with how to overcome some of the unique problems we’re all facing in today’s market.

    Here’s who this is not a good fit for:  Anyone who has their foot half way in the water and is not ready to do what it takes to be successful in this business. Right now, there are a lot of people experiencing massive success, and there are also a lot of people that supposedly “in the game” but really doing absolutely nothing with it. I would say this event is not for this person.

    Steve:  I was going to say the same thing. If it’s somebody who is really not that interested or just wants to know what’s going on, this isn’t the right event for them. This needs to be for people who are serious about actually taking action right now in today’s market. Because what we share today, when they get around to finally investing may not be applicable to what they’re going to do. So, this is for people who are interested in doing something today.

  • Q. “What are the biggest benefits of attending this event?”
    Shaun:  You know, that’s a great question. And I’ll tell you one of the other reasons Steve and I wanted to put this together is because we feel like the people that are going to attend this event are going to be the most serious of serious investors. They’ll be people who ready to make their business one of the best of the best. Because of that, the quality of the people and the room I think will be worth the price of admission itself.

    Add to that the fact that we want to address the specific challenges you are having right there in the room, talk about it, work through it and NOT ignore it.  We want to get it out there in front of everybody and talk about a solution to overcome some of these challenges rather what a lot of investors are doing right now, which is just to complain about them.

    Steve:  One of the biggest benefits I feel everybody who comes to this event will leave with is specific knowledge that is applicable to their businesses today. This isn’t pie in the sky stuff. We’re talking about real methods that people are successfully using in today’s market. This won’t require most to completely revamp their businesses. But it’s a matter of implementing a few, key, new pieces into their already existing businesses and making more of them than what they were before.

    Shaun:  I’ll give you a little teaser as well. I’m going to give away one strategy that will take me literally 15 minutes to explain to everyone in the room that will blow your mind. I shared this with a student recently and he applied it in his own real estate investing business, and now has a recurring income of more than $1,200 a month off of one strategy. I’ll tell you this, it’s a strategy that I don’t know anyone else in the short sell industry that is doing this or is teaching it right now.

    By the way, this strategy is not something that is difficult to do. If you are already doing short sales for example, this is one additional five minutes worth of work you are going to do on each deal to create this passive income for you.

    So hopefully, that’s a little nugget, hopefully it will get your mind thinking.

  • Q. What is it that makes this event unique, and sets it apart from other events?
    Steve:  Well for starters your typical two day event will cover a single type of investing from beginning to end. You’re start with the very basics – maybe with the beginning of a type of deal, and then at the end of your final day, you end with learning the final stages of that deal.

    That’s not the way we’re approaching this event at all.  Instead Shaun and I are each addressing four topics that are of extreme importance in today’s market. So, we’re taking out segments of the deal and want to go very, very deep.

    For instance, one of the things that I know for sure I’m discussing because I know the major challenge for people today is how to get money from small banks and private lenders to do deals in today’s market. Many people believe that the money is not there. That has not been a challenge for me or my students. There is plenty of money out there. It’s just a matter of knowing where it is now – because it’s not necessarily where it’s used to be.

    So, we’re going to talk about all 8 strategies and go very, very deep into each, giving everybody the knowledge they need to be successful in these areas of today’s market.

    Shaun:  Absolutely. As a matter of fact, one of the strategies I’ll be sharing during the event is how and why we made a decision a few months ago to stop paying for any kind of marketing whatsoever. I know that foreclosures right now are pretty prevalent in every market, but there are also a lot of investors that tend to be going after the same deal.

    So, in a lot of the conversations that I have with coaching students and students all around the country, believe it or not, finding qualified leads right now has been a challenge for them. I don’t mean just finding leads. Anybody can find somebody who is in foreclosure. What I mean is dealing with somebody who fits the specific criteria that is going to turn into a cashable deal.

    So, what I did in my business ten months ago was I eliminated all marketing expenses. I literally… Right now, I spend zero dollars every month on marketing. Zero. Yet, I have more leads coming in than I can handle in any given month. In fact, I have so many leads coming in that I am having to give them away to my coaching students just because I don’t have time to deal with all of the leads that I’m getting. I’m doing all this for an expense of nothing, so that’s one of the strategies I’ll be talking about and sharing as well.

    Steve:  I think, the fact that you’ve got two people coming together, working together who while are teaching something different they are also very related. I think that that unto itself bringing our unique perspective and the combination of our experiences and our students together is really going to make this event a much different event than either one of us has ever done individually.

    JP:  I would also add to that, that these two guys are known ? I might even say notorious ? in the industry for over delivering at their live events, and giving way more information than people expect and just way over delivering in terms of value..

  • Q. Why did you decide not to sell any products at this event?
    Shaun:  In the past I’ve spent $5,000 to go to an event and thought I was buying a $5,000 education. What I got instead was a $5,000 sell?a?thon. And to me, nothing is more disappointing than getting to an event after investing hard earned money, only to find that the speaker has 15 other products to sell you, many of which aren’t even related. And then makes me feel I have to have these 15 other products in order to be successful.

    That’s not my style, and it’s not Steve’s style. We’re here to teach. We’re committed to holding nothing back and share as much as we possibly can in our time together. That’s what you are paying for, so that’s what we’re going to deliver.

  • Q. Why the two separate events, one in St. Louis and one in Baltimore?
    Shaun:  We really feel like this information is absolutely vital to today’s real estate market, and the second half of the event, the Lifeonaire Event, is absolutely necessary for your entire life. They go hand in hand, and they are both very important for today’s market.

    So rather than just do one event and say ‘take it or leave it,’ we thought why not incorporate two of the same event. We’ll do two different locations and two different times, that way there is absolutely no excuse for anyone not to come. We want you to make it to this event, so we wanted to bust our behinds to make sure that you could do it.

  • Q. What’s the deal with the “Lifeonaire” event?
    Steve:  Well, after each of these events we’re also doing another two day event, which is our “Who Wants to be a Lifeonaire?” event. And as a bonus for anyone who attends REI 2009, we’d like to invite you to also attend Lifeonaire absolutely free.

    For anyone who’s never heard of Lifeonaire before, first think of millionaire for a second – a millionaire is somebody who is full of money. Well, a Lifeonaire is somebody who is full of life.

    For about the last year and a half or so I have been teaching people how to live the life of a Lifeonaire. This entails in part helping people build a business that fits into their life instead of building a business and then trying to figure out how to live life in the midst of that.

    Without going into all of the details right now, this is an event that has changed the life of every person who has ever attended. I have done two of these events in the past and Shaun (one of my former students) has taught one of these events. And every person who has attended left the event with their lives changed for the better.

    So, we’re extremely passionate about sharing this information, and we’re proud to invite you to attend at no additional charge.

    The reason we decided to do these events together as opposed to Shaun and I doing them individually is because we’ve realized there are strong points from my teaching and there are strong points from Shaun’s teaching this.  And everybody is going to get the benefit of the best part of both of us at this event.

    Shaun:   I know a lot of real estate investors who got into the real estate investing business because they wanted to enhance their life and they felt like real estate would give them the time and the resources to be able to do the things in life that they truly want to do.  Unfortunately what happens to most real estate investors instead in my experience is that they get into this business all gung ho about what they are getting ready to create and all the things their business will create for them, but before long the business ends up taking over.

A Summary of Everything You Get…

  • Attendance at Shaun and Steve’s REI 2009: “What’s Working Now” Live Training Event
  • Your choice of two dates and two locations
  • FREE Bonus #1: A second 2-Day Event: “Who Wants to Be a Lifeonaire?” ($197 Value)
  • FREE Bonus #2: Steve’s/Shaun’s REI Home Study Courses – The Whole Kitchen Sink! ($3,838 Value)
  • FREE Bonus #3: Bring Your Spouse Along ($1,497 Value)

Reserve Your Seat Today…

Add to Cart!

If you’re ready to make 2009 your best, most profitable year yet as a real estate investor, then we sincerely hope you can join us at one of these two unprecedented events.

Very Sincerely,

Steve Cook and Shaun McCloskey


PS. Please remember our events almost always sell out.  We won’t allow our classroom to get too big, as personal attention is very important to us.  So once we’re maxed out, we’ll close the doors.  No exceptions.  So don’t delay – reserve your seat now or risk missing out.

PPS. We have no idea when/if this event will be repeated.  Fair warning.

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