Thursday, April 27th, 2017

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How this Chicago-Italian Skirts the Bandit Sign Police

If you use Bandit Signs in your real estate investing at all, then today’s tip will be a tasty treat…

At one point or another we’ve all had those lovely, goldenrod, coroplast investments of ours removed or cut in half by the “sign police”, right?  (FYI “sign police = code enforcement)  And occasionally you might even find yourself bitten by a nasty fine or two.

My buddy Tony “Freakin” Severino can relate.  He’s got 15 “sign police” tickets sitting in his desk drawer right now.  Which is precisely what’s motivated him to discover a beautiful, new way to be just a little harder to find.

Tony dropped this handy tip my way in an email the other day, and I immediately asked him to share it with you guys. So we hopped on our webcams to chat about it.

Bottom line: If NOT paying hefty bandit sign fees interests you, then so will this video.  This is a very cool and ridiculously low priced service a number of us will be exceedingly glad to have discovered…

Thoughts?  Please leave a comment below and tell Tony what you think!

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JP Moses is a roughly-hewn man-child who first got into REI after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad back in Y2K and went full time in 2002. He's tinkered in everything from landlording to short sales to rehabs to Realtoring to REOs to notes to owner financing, blah, blah, blah...Till he finally stuck his flag deep into wholesaling and has since flipped somewhere north of a couple hundred deals.

JP's not a “guru” but also doesn't think it's a bad word. Among his core values are authenticity, creativity, big honkin' value, general fun-ness and being unshaven. He's super proud to be chief blogger guy at and host of the free REIology podcast. He also thoroughly enjoys sharing his 53 best real estate investing forms with anyone who wants them. You should totally check that out. :-)

  • Lasvegasexpert

    What's the difference between using and googlevoice which is free?

  • Johnny

    This looks great but if you have a smartphone you can use GoogleVoice for FREE ( atleast for now ). I put that number on all of my bandit sings and haven't had any problems ( knock on wood) and its untraceable. Hope this helps someone!

  • Johnny

    I don't have any real experience with but google voice works as follows. Sign up for a free number. Forward that number to any of your phones ( can be multiple phones at once ). Set up a voicemail with google and check your messages on your phone or online. If you have a smart phone you just download the googlevoice app which allows you to make outbound calls from your google voice number. You can also pick your number so i went with something like ###-###-SELL for my short sale signs

  • Bob

    I don't know much about either. Tony's point was that is untraceable by the “sign police”. How traceable is Google Voice to the “sign police”?

  • Glenn

    I believe the channels are incoming lines. So you can basically have two simultaneous calls coming in on the same number.

  • Mohegan

    Thanks for the new idea..

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  • Daveludena

    JP, Tony…great tip. I use a google voice #…no cost.

    Dave “the Chicago REO Rockstar” Ludena

  • Diane Rubenstein

    This is a great idea. I use a Magic Jack VOIP because I live in Costa Rica. I wonder if I can use this and forward it to my Costa Rican Cellphone. Anyone know?

  • Great Advice. I have a lot of clients that do this as well.