Tom Foolery on a Roller Coaster

Sorry the tips have been slow this week.  Busy, busy, busy.

So I’m just about to head out to Shaun McCloskey’s bootcamp thingy in St. Louis in the a.m.

And speaking of “The Shaun” I thought you might want to see something.  Perfect for a Friday IMHO.

Question: Ever wonder what happens when two goofy, hammy real estate dudes ride a roller coaster together at Busch Gardens?

Answer: 1 min, 50 sec of future blackmail material.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed!

Ps…Leave a comment below and tell us just what you think of our tom foolery shenanigans…


JP Moses is a roughly-hewn man-child who first got into REI after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad back in Y2K and went full time in 2002. He's tinkered in everything from landlording to short sales to rehabs to Realtoring to REOs to notes to owner financing, blah, blah, blah...Till he finally stuck his flag deep into wholesaling and has since flipped somewhere north of a couple hundred deals.

JP's not a “guru” but also doesn't think it's a bad word. Among his core values are authenticity, creativity, big honkin' value, general fun-ness and being unshaven. He's super proud to be chief blogger guy at and host of the free REIology podcast. He also thoroughly enjoys sharing his 53 best real estate investing forms with anyone who wants them. You should totally check that out. 🙂

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UncleMo Reply

I like the new video re: when courses are wrong. Of course this one is funny for a while. No one hurled, so I only rate it 2 stars.

What can I say, I wanna see dudes puking their brains out.

JP Moses Reply

@UncleMo – Fair enough, Uncle. I’m actually with Shaun this weekend (at his bootcamp). I’ll see if I can get him on another coaster at 6 flags and try to actually get one of us puking this time if possible…for your entertainment pleasure. 🙂

UncleMo Reply

Right before they thing takes off, reach over and punch him in the guts. When he looks at you agrily, just say, ‘hey, this is for the sake of my *website* for crying out loud!’

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