I admit it…I love You Tube.

From weird viral videos to personal home movies to controversial politics…you can find it all and more.

While perusing some clips related to our current financial , I came across some clips from Senator Ron Paul that grabbed me by the eyelids and wouldn’t let go.  Watch below…and be challenged to think a little outside the box that most talking heads live inside.

Personal Disclaimer: Now I’m not really trying to make a big political statement here by posting this.

…except maybe that most of our political leaders seem to have blatantly ignored and laughed at more than a few urgent warnings that could have and should have been heeded before now.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with him in other areas of policy, regardless of your other political views, you simply can’t deny this guy hit the nail squarely on the head where today’s economy’s concerned months or even years ago.  And his prophetic cries have been both loud and unfortunately largely ignored by most of his peers and the talking-head “opinion makers” in our society.

Anyway, check out these clips in light of what we’re facing today.  And then I’d love to hear your own thoughts in response below…


Added: March 12, 2008.  The first couple of minutes of this are NY Democrat Carolyn Maloney.  But after she turned the rest of her time over to Ron Paul…hang on to your hat.

And understand that, while I’m unsure of the original broadcast date, this clip was uploaded to You Tube on 3/12/08 — a good while before we jumped headfirst into bailout swamp.  Which makes Ron Paul’s prophetic warning all the more ominous.

Ron Paul: “The Fed Caused the Bubble” (MSNBC)

Added:  March 20, 2008.  An incredibly fascinating (and brief) talking head debate between Congresman Ron Paul and the Research Director for the “Center for American Progress” (whatever that is).

Is the Fed an illegal, immoral entity?  Should it be abolished?  Should we return to a gold standard?  Could it really be possible?

CNBC Ron Paul’s question makes Ben Bernake’s voice quiver

Added to YouTube:  December 08, 2007.  Congressman Ron asks the right questions and won’t let them be skirted.  And his nemesis…er…the fed chairman seems flustered to the point of tears.

Ron Paul Grills Bernanke Again, Traders Respond With Cheers (CNBC)

Again Congresman Ron asks Ben Bernanke a series of aptly charged questions during FED chairman’s testimony on 2/27/08.

The Q&A is worth hearing to be sure.  But also don’t miss the end as CNBC anchor Rick Santelli talks about reaction of traders in Chicago market during Ron Paul questions.  Telling?

So what do you think?  Let’s hear it…

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