Ok, so I’ve known Mike Collins for around 3-ish years now.

He’s a 24+yr house veteran of flipping houses who’s always seemed a pretty straight shooter to me. He’s also like, the most laid back guy I’ve ever met (I practically fall asleep shaking hands with him. 🙂

So why’s he smashing a TV with a hammer in this video?…

(Watch Mike Collins flip out on a TV)

Maybe Mr. Mild Mannered’s got a Mr. Hyde side?

And honestly…can you even still trust a guy who takes his gray-haired guru rage out on his office staff like this? 😉

The truth is, it’s an obviously staged clip, but a fun way to kick off a couple hours worth of freebie video content from Mike’s last “no pitch” event.

I’m sure those videos will be great content, so I signed up to receive them. But this first one just makes me chuckle at Mike. If you know Mike, I think you’ll chuckle too, but you may as well also sign up for the other videos while you’re there.

Enjoy Mike’s “smashing” video…

Happy New Year and have a great weekend,

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