Friday, May 26th, 2017

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Real Estate Mogul Review: Is Real Estate Investing Really Dead?

real estate mogul reviewSo…the few days have seen quite the hubbub about a controversial new webinar that’s hit the interwebs. Seen all the saucy emails about it?

I’ve heard some alarming claims like…

“…real estate investing as we know it is dead!”
“…investors are in danger of becoming extinct!”

So…what do you think?


Look, I’m always gonna shoot straight with you. So I’ll gladly share my full, candid response to all this with you, right here, right now. I’ll even tell you exactly what I think about this new Real Estate Mogul thing.

And as you read every word of this with an open mind and a critical eye, I think you’ll feel enlightened and really glad you did. <–not NLP, I swear 

First, I Have Something to Disclose and Declare

Truth be told, I cannot be entirely unbiased here.

Why? Because several months ago I was politely asked to provide some input on the real estate mogul project as it was being shaped. I obliged. One thing led to another and I was eventually asked to help shape the entire content side of things for members, to ensure quality and general awesomeness from the training end of things.

I’ll explain that more in a second, but essentially it means that, even though I’ll be nothing less than completely honest in sharing my personal feelings on Real Estate Mogul (both product and message), this is one rare case where it’s simply impossible for me to be 100% unbiased.


Please know that I consider it a high honor to be asked to share my candid view on products and services like this, and I’m lucky enough to have readers who actually want to know my frank perspective, as you weigh something like this to see if it’s right for you. I take this very seriously, and would never do anything to compromise that.

So rest assured that, even though I can’t be totally unbiased due to my involvement on the training side, I give you my personal promise that I’m being completely honest in my feelings on this, good and bad (and yes, there are some bad). Ultimately I consider myself your advocate, and my sincere goal is to to provide some authentic value in the conversation.

Fair enough?

Now…On the “Death of Real Estate”

And I realize this may rub some people the wrong way, but I just can’t go along with that. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I just know too much to agree with that.

Just to be crystal clear: No, I do not believe that real estate investing is dead.

But Here’s What I DO Believe…

I DO know that in 2008 real estate changed. Big time and at lightning speed… We all felt it.

  • Many investors kept trying to force their square peg into a now round hole, and sadly died trying. We all know at least a few of them…
  • Others tweaked their approach to a new market, and survived to deal another day…
  • A few of us even found brand new opportunities created by the shift — little sub-pockets of profit, and have thrived better than ever before as a result…

I also DO know that 2012 started another major shift in real estate investing…

  • Like big hedge funds quietly buying billions in real estate in major markets all across the U.S. (Blackstone is only one of them)…
  • Like some flat-out scary gov’t rules and regs coming down the pipeline (I know the lobbyist fighting them personally)

I DO know that in the last 2 months I’ve been personally connecting with legit insiders on all this, and there’s some truly scary stuff going on in many places right now, and it seems to be increasing at a startling pace.

And I DO personally know folks who’ve been flat out blindsided by some of these threats lately, and been left bruised and confused as all get out about what the heck even happened. Truth be told, it’s happening more and more.

Maybe you’ve sniffed some of it in the news lately?

“The era of mom-and-pop real estate investors is quickly coming to an end.”
Wall Street Journal

“Landlords have always tended to be mom-and-pop outfits. That appears to be changing. Fast.”
Fortune Magazine

“The business of buying foreclosed homes, renovating and renting them out is morphing from a largely mom-and-pop business into the next big thing on Wall Street.”

“Large Wall Street investors rushing into the foreclosure market have raised between $6 billion and $8 billion, with the intent to acquire between 40,000 and 80,000 foreclosed homes nationwide in the months ahead.”
Housing Wire

But What Does All This Really Mean to Us?

Look, I’m not a doom and gloom guy. Not my style. No, this is not the end of the world as we know it.

But it’s noteworthy.

I.E. it’s worth clearly understanding, and then asking ourselves the only two responsible questions:

1) How will this effect me and my business when it comes down to it?
2) How should I adjust what I”m doing in response to it?

 Think about that for a second. An honest, open-minded asking and critical-thinking answering of these two questions is the only thing that saved many investors back in 2008. Smart investors “move with the cheese”. Those who don’t, typically starve.

How One Guy Puts It

My buddy Rob and I have both been investing full time for around a dozen years ago now, and we share the same perspective on this. But I like how I recently heard him put it:

I’ve watched a lot of “smart” people come in AND succeed in the short term only to ultimately FAIL. Why? Simple. Because most people simply don’t pay attention to the world around them. Are you paying attention? You don’t need to get scared by the “doom and gloom” — you’re more intelligent than that. What you need to do is be in the loop and aware of all the changes, the shifts and the OPPORTUNITIES all around you.

Well said, Rob!

Behind the Doom and Gloom

I believe the folks behind the controversial webinar actually have very good intentions, even if their approach is a bit over the top…

I truly believe their aim is to help people wake up and smell the coffee, start paying attention to how things are shifting in the arena, and start winning from these shifts, rather than perishing from them.

And hey, that’s what I want too! Unfortunately I think that for many, their message is being obscured by their delivery.

I mean, you get that real estate is not really dead, right? It’s weird, you’ve either understood the intent of the message or you completely missed the point. I’ll open your eyes here.

All this talk about panic, death and a cataclysmic shift are designed to get your attention.  It’s 100% to help you “win”.

They’re using a super strong message, to open your eyes and motivate you towards some real and current solutions to the big real estate problems facing tour industry right now.

  • For example, one of the problems is the aforementioned hedge funds competing against investors in major markets, and blowing them out of the water. This is literally putting some investors I know flat out of business.
  • And among the solutions they’re offering is learning how to actually play ball where the hedge funds aren’t …and also, finding ways to actually flip deals to the hedge funds that they aren’t already going after (if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em).

That’s just one angle among many, but it’s a biggie.

So What About This “Real Estate Mogul” Thing?

Well basically what they’ve put together is a hybrid educational platform, listing service, and social network, topped off with some choice daily “lessons” across multiple real estate investing categories. Each lesson is designed to truly teach and equip. These aren’t ezine articles or blog posts – they’re LESSONS.

Briefly here are some key summary bullet points directly from their website:

  • The Learn Module for on-demand access to the step-by-step real estate investing lessons you need to succeed today
  • The Interact Module for access to our team plus thousands of other active investors
  • The Deal-Making Module for all the buyers, sellers, lenders, & partners you’ll ever need
  • Your own Mogul Profile Page to act as your virtual business card
  • The Daily “Mogul Insider” e-Newsletter for real-time tips, tricks, & updates
  • The “101 Guide” to Real Estate Investing to provide the blueprint to your first (or next) deal
  • Premium Passive Cashflow Deals for hands-free $200-$850/month rent checks
  • On-Demand Deal Funding for instant access to hundreds of private & hard money lenders
  • LIVE Bi-Weekly Mentoring Calls for expert advice & answers to all your questions
  • The Mogul Publishing Program for your chance to be the expert and receive $50-$500 “quick hits” of cash
  • An Instant Internet Marketing Cashflow Stream to provide a “safety net” during your inevitable down months in real estate

My Honest Personal Assessment

Well first I’ll tell ya, I’ve not only seen the whole shebang myself, but I’ve explored it in depth, inside out. I’ve test driven each and every piece of this thing, and did so with a critical eye.

And scare tactics aside, I actually DO recommend Real Estate Mogul.


I know, I know… Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not endorse things lightly, and I’ve done so very carefully here.

I think it might be best to continue with a short, personal video. If you’ll indulge me for a moment longer, I’ll share with you:

1) My personal, candid thoughts on Real Estate Mogul (education, interaction and deal-doing)
2) The one piece that really intrigues me the most
3) A look at who all’s behind the curtain (the faces may surprise you)
4) Who this is best suited for (and who not)
5) A revealing look under the hood (I’ll show you exactly what’s inside)
6) A shocker: Got a little something to share that no one else has yet. A fun surprise. 🙂

Watch My Personal Review…

So what do you think? Well My sincere aim is to be a helpful voice of reason for you n the conversation, so I hope you enjoyed that and found it helpful.

From here, if this thing intrigues or resonates with you at all, then finish sizing it up to see if it’s a good fit for you. Start by reviewing the controversial “Real Estate Investing is Dead” video. And if do you jump in, please drop me a line once you get inside. As you can tell from the video above, I’m not hard to find. 🙂

Watch the controversial webinar here…
real estate mogul preston ely

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JP Moses is a roughly-hewn man-child who first got into REI after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad back in Y2K and went full time in 2002. He's tinkered in everything from landlording to short sales to rehabs to Realtoring to REOs to notes to owner financing, blah, blah, blah...Till he finally stuck his flag deep into wholesaling and has since flipped somewhere north of a couple hundred deals.

JP's not a “guru” but also doesn't think it's a bad word. Among his core values are authenticity, creativity, big honkin' value, general fun-ness and being unshaven. He's super proud to be chief blogger guy at and host of the free REIology podcast. He also thoroughly enjoys sharing his 53 best real estate investing forms with anyone who wants them. You should totally check that out. :-)

  • TopDollarDay

    he must be paying you guys one heck of a commission.  I’ve never seen such a mass marketing blast coming from every guru e-mail list that I’m on, all supporting Ely –   I understand that there is a shift – but there are so many other ways to make money as a real estate investor, even in the coming months and years.  Seems a bit desperate to use fear as a scare tactic to sell another online club.   So, what do his affiliates make on this program?  

  • Hi, “Top Dollar Day” – sounds like we agree! (i.e. the market shifts are real, but the profit potential is still very much there too, even as the shapes continue changing).

    Regarding promoting, every information product online (real estate investing or otherwise) offers sales commissions to others who help make sales. That’s nothing new — It’s been that way for more than a decade at least. I earn commissions too at times, but only after doing my best to provide some authentic value in the conversation. I consider it a privilege and honor to advocate for my fellow real estate investors.

  • Guest

    TopDollarDay, your spot on.  This should be a good example of the round about the people on the internet who have experience or not but sound and look like they have the experience can create massive fear and urgency to the ignorant.  People buy in to alot of this garbage.  It is sad when it is a collective effort from some of the guys that I thought had some decency.  I would not trust anything this guys say from here on out.  What a joke of a massive commission blitz.  This was so pathetic.  I am glad someone said something.  JP, I am disappointed with you and your cohorts.  I could say more but I will move on like many should do.

  • Wait, what???  Tell my why you’re disappointed with me specifically, “Guest”? Have I in some way been dishonest or misleading with you? I’m seriously asking here. Are you just upset because so many are talking about this at once? You say it’s “garbage” but give no reason why. You say you won’t trust what I say from here on out…but why??? Seriously, I”m taking this personally. If you’re going to post a comment on my blog, on a post where I’ve done my best to provide some authentic value in the conversation about this thing…and tell me that you’re disappointed with me and no longer trust me…but not offer any specific reasons for this? Just some generalized insults?  Please explain or resposture, friend. I implore you.

  • Thehun

    It is pretty unfortunate, that all that marketing tallent is used for marketing information to would-be investors, instead of actual DEALS.
    Btw; I didn’t have the patience to sit through of all the video hype so I might be missing something.
    I’d love to see someone, with some clout, maybe you JP, trying to unite all small time operators toward the real goal of getting some of the wealth back from the crooks, we call the banking system.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Hi, Thehun – You mentioned that you didn’t watch the whole webinar. Did you watch my video review above? Just curious. I did my best to give you an actual look-see beyond the doom and gloom side of things.

  • Business

    I had never heard of Mr. Ely until I got a message from you mentioning the video.  I did watch the whole video, and I noticed that you were one of the individuals pictured a couple of times in the video, so I knew you were obviously involved.  Your review was interesting and well done.  You are great at content.  The Real Estate Mogul program sounds interesting, but the video was little more than a catchy headline used to talk about the program.  The initial discussion about real estate investing being dead and then the latter part of the video had a big disconnect.  The message of the video was “real estate investing is dead, and in other news, we have a real estate investing website/program to talk about.”  It should have been, “there are major changes coming in real estate investing, and here is a real estate investing website/program that helps you navigate these changes.”  However, the real message wouldn’t have been as catchy.  This is almost a play off the financial video that has been going around for a long time talking about the end of investing was we know it. At the same time, the approach of issuing a wild statement, and then having others somewhat refute the wild statement while pointing out that everyone is talking about it, and then providing a link to the video is an interesting marketing approach.

  • Wholesale Dallas Deals

    Sorry JP but I have to agree with the others that this is just another marketing blitz for the Internet Marketers to make a buck at others expense and it is sad to see them prey upon people using fear tactics. And the reason the others dont like your review is because you are talking out of both sides of your mouth.  You go on and on about how you want to give an honest review but there you are in the video and as we all know making a buck for it. Its one thing to sell yourself out and say anything to make a buck, but dont get upset at people when they see you for who you are and they dont believe you.
    At the end of the day you are the one who has to live with yourself.

  • OK, I have serious questions here in response though:

    * You say I’m trying to “make a buck at others expense”. Why would you say this? It really bugs to be on the receiving end of an accusation like that, with no clear “here’s exactly why I believe this” to back it up.

    What I have done that would make it seem that way? I have poured my heart out…in each and every podcast episode…each and every blog post.. We’re all capitalists…we’re all looking to provide authentic, tangible value to a marketplace..whether it’s a wholesale house you want to flip, or a retail house you want to sell, or a short sale you want to negotiate…you want to be a valuable part of a win-win transaction, and get compensated fairly because of it.  So how’s an information product that offers a commission somehow different? How’s it suddenly that I’m trying to make a buck at others’ expense?

    You seem to question the honesty of my review, based on the fact that I stand to potentially profit some by those who make a buying decision. Should people question your honesty, when you’re trying your darndest to sell a house, simply because you’re going to get a paycheck if they buy it? Do you challenge your mortgage broker or banker’s integrity, since they’ll get paid on your financing?  No, of course not. Doesn’t make sense to question anyone’s integrity, just because they stand to profit from a transaction. Honestly, how are you NOT doing that to me?

    I revealed very openly that I cannot be entirely unbiased with this…but gave my personal promise that I’m being totally candid with how I feel. That I genuinely only want folks to make a buying decision (for this or anything for that matter) if, after sizing it up, they really, truly feel it’s worthwhile for them to do so.

    I still fail to see how I’m “selling myself out” here or talking out of both sides of my mouth. I stand by every word I’ve posted here.

  • Steve

     Hey JP… after an hour of listening to a “5 minute” speech, I just wanted to know how much it was… that’s all… I’ve listened to enough 45 minute podcast sell-a-thons that go on and on and finally give you the price after reviewing 3-4 times how

    Don’t get me wrong… I think the concept of a training site is great – I also like the funding and property marketplace concepts as well.

    I think the biggest negative you’ll find from most people was that his (your) marketing blitz for this was quite a bit over the top… I mean, at first, it sounded like you (and several other email lists I’m on) were just as shocked as we all were supposed to be about this guy “Preston”s comments. But come on… you get $50/month for each a_aid=4e161af55a603 he signs up….

    Yea, that whole Pyramid-MLM scheme at the end didn’t really leave me feeling super secure… (I tried those when I was young and dumb…)

    oh yea, the whole fake webinar page with 1000 listeners, oh wait, 996, oh wait, it’s back to 1000, oh and there’s my name… JOKE!! ugh….

    Hey, in the end, I love what you do JP. Just like Patrick and Sean, and the others… You spend a lot of time producing content that truly IS content!

    This whole Mogul thing just started on a bad foot with me, that;s all….

    Thanks for everything!

  • Steve

    I’ll reply, but don’t confuse me with Dallas…

    I don’t have a problem with you making money at all… I just wish there was a way to get the info without sitting through a newbie seminar!

    I’m not a multi-millionaire real estate expert, but I’ve got half a dozen doors and I’ve been around the podcast/email list scene for several years now…

    I just got turned off my the marketing on this one… sorry.

  • greg

    MUST OF READ MY MIND! you go boy…

  • I can understand and respect that, Steve. And as I’ve said, I didn’t care for the marketing angle either. Yes, bring out the legit issues we’re facing…but I say do so with hope and courage-building, rather than fear and doom. But that wasn’t my call. 

    In the end, it’s a really solid platform (and getting better daily) filled with some really solid, current content that IS designed to help tackle today’s issues, sharpen the REI ax, and help us all make more money WINNING through the market today rather than being a victim of it.  It’s also got a solid “do deals” platform, with actual lenders willing/able to fund solid deals…and a solid, active community.  Cost is $97/month or I think $597 for the entire year.

    So for anyone who still doesn’t know, that’s the very bottom line of it all.

    Thanks for commenting, Steve.

  • Hi, Steve (same Steve as below?) — I hear ya. The faux-live webinars are obvious replays…I’d prefer they just call them for what they are: Recorded presentations. 

    I agree the marketing angle was pushed over the top…and yes, I stand to potentially profit from folks who DO decide to join. But I’ve been very open about all that in my post here. Didn’t try to hide any of it, and still did my best to cut through all that — i knew folks would be missing what’s really of genuine, tangible value there, due to being turned off by the blitz. As I said, I did my best to be a genuine helpful voice in the process.

    Anways, thanks for your kind words. If I didn’t care so much about my relationships out there like this, then I wouldn’t even comment. Heck, I woudn’t even have the blog comments turned on. But I really do care. To a fault perhaps.

  • Gman

     Hey JP, for what its worth I thought your review was honest.  You disclosed your participation in it from the start.  I have listened to your many podcasts in the past and have a great sense of your genuineness (is that even a word? Haha). You’ve never come off as anything but sincere, in my opinion.  I really do believe you are one of the good guys (McCloskey too) out there trying to provide a service and get paid while doing it.  People are going to be skeptical, naturally….probably because they’ve fallen for something in the past and it STILL stings.  Heck, I have been caught before as well…it doesnt feel too good.  You feel cheated and well, a bit dumb.  I have purchased products from a couple of your guest speakers recently and am perfectly satisfied with what I received.  Short money to boot.  Anyway, I felt I had to weigh in and give you some positive feedback.  Take care JP.

  • Ha, thanks Gman. I was beginning to wonder if the sky really is falling…on my credibility. 🙂 Appreciate your words, they are warmly received indeed.

  • barbee

    JP~I started getting emails from Preston (I am a member), Mike Collins, John Fedro, Susan Lassiter and my house deals. And then your email. Your email did not mention anything about your input on this product if I remember correctly but you did state that you would send a review. Your email stated a request to watch. I figured I would catch the replay. Too many people on this promotion. I agree with comments here. The marketing was bad. Preston needs to quit with the “persona” and get real.  Yes you love him or hate him – but what is he thinking! I thought he had more integrity than to put out this marketing. Shame on all of you. You were once in the newbie position. I am opting out of all of your lists because as one comment stated – you lost my trust. So I am only one investor to you and the other “experts” and I will find more mentors most likely in my backyard. No one likes to be criticized. This is feedback. How many investors are purchasing the RE Mogul info? I wish you the best because JP you are my favorite and I watch your videos and your info about your dad. I am a financial services business owner and my RE is part time right now. As much as I can scare people into buying my services – I don’t. ~barbee~

  • barbee

     Add to this: opting out of all the “experts” emails may not matter to each one of them because they have alot of customers/subscribers but the issue for me is integrity from all of them and holding them to a standard of being in the public eye and being real

  • Guest

    Hey JP,
    You do a great job providing information to newbies like myself and I have really enjoyed listening to your podcast and reading your blog. But being involved with this doesn’t help your image. In your review you say that you are going to make sure that the faculty delivers the goods! Well if that’s the case why would you allow or even put your name on a product that you have no control over the way the product would be marketed! I have no problems with you making a buck but I do have a problem with you saying you are going to make sure the faculty delivers but you didn’t say to the faculty maybe we should market this product differently.

  • Guest

    Furthermore you sound like a good guy who truly wants to help out new investors like myself and for that I thank you! Sadly however great this product may or may not be the message that was put out to the public is so over top and exaggerated no one with any sense will use it. Like I said it doesn’t do wonders for your image to be involved with these type of marketing tactics! Thanks again for all the work you put into your blog and podcast I really appreciate it! Sadly having your name attached to this project makes me wonder what else might be a marketing trick!

  • Seth

    Hey JP,

    Thanks for this helpful post. I came across this webinar the other day and though to myself, “what the heck?” It was good to get this kind of clarification on what exactly is going on.

  • Ruggo59

     JP- Love your Podcast and the info you have provided over the years…….but Preston is all about selling on the internet. It is your business and your reputation so it’s your choice who you do business with and align yourself with. My opinion is (everybody has one right?) don’t risk your good reputation by aligning with this guy. Sales pitch is too pushy and relies on fear mongering. Too much late night infomercial and not enough roll up your sleeves and do the work to get the deals. Pitch is over the top just like Freedom Soft.

  • Mitch H

    I stumbled on JP Moses’ sweet little site today. Before it was all over, I listened to three (of many) interesting podcasts. And then I listened to the above review of Preston Ely’s new site. 
    I am an “intermediate” investor. 25 deals in 25 years. I know a little, not a lot. But JP’s site was one of the best I had ever seen after combing the internet for years listening to webinars and reading REI information all over the place.

    Also: I have watched Preston Ely’s presentation — more than once. I decided against it in December — my impression was that Preston overhyped the problem. But after visiting this (here) site, and hearing the measured, balanced views of JP Moses on many topics, I am persuaded to join the throng over at Preston’s place. The biggest benefit, it seems to me, is getting to hear and read JP Moses more often.

  • Wow, thanks so much, Mitch!

  • Duncan Wierman

    JP .. It is my understanding that you actually wrote the full course for Preston and you work full time for him? Is this so? And if so , WHY?
    Do you really want to associate with people like him?

  • Wisewoman

    Hi JP
    Thanks for the tips. Do not trust Ely since he is teaching people how to be phony real estate gurus to bilk people’s money.

  • Ryan Ray

    I just finished Preston Ely’s book today. JP Moses I’ve never attempted any type of sale in realestate but here’s my thought. Basically Ely is talking to people who are struggling to sell their homes for whatever reason and connecting them to a buyer for a profit or “assignment fee”. I dont see this as ripping anyone off because if someone is coming to someone to buy their home they are obviously having problems. I disagree with the negative comments. I do see how it could be interpreted wrong though. The signs say “we buy houses” when really your the middle man, but some people desperately need the middle man. Perhaps its the wording of the wholesaleing that comes off wrong? Personally I’m still researching but it doesn’t sound bad at all..

  • Ruben Delgado