Tip: Getting Buyers Fast...In last Sunday’s unscripted chat with Than Merrill of Wholesaling University, he tossed out a few real gems that, if captured and applied, could be a real profit booster.

The entire hour-long chat was recorded and is freely available in another post.  But I realize the fact is most won’t be able to invest the time to hear it through.

So I thought I’d extract a few tasty morsels and lay them out in little bite-size pieces for you.

What is the “Experian Zip Hussle”?  (And Why Should I Care?)

A little cryptic, I know.  But trust me, you’ll understand the name better when you hear the tip below.

In a nutshell, it’s a super-targeted way to extract qualified buyers from a seemingly lifeless marketplace.  In other words, to get your house S-O-L-D and get yourself P-A-I-D.

This segment is roughly 5-ish minutes or so, and I  really gotta thank Than for tossing this one out there.


Is an exceptional little tactic we should all have in our arsenal to capitalize on today’s market. I think you’ll be glad you caught it.

In Related News…

Have you reviewed Than’s Wholesaling University yet?

Colbert Approved!

The fact is, I know there’s a lot of buzz and hype about it right now. My inbox is stuffed at the moment.

But I gotta say, while there’s no shortage of info products out there promising the moon, Than’s new baby looks like something I could get pretty juiced about.  I’ve even agreed to teach one of their virtual “classes”.

Check it out for yourself here. It looks me like a solid, well done deal.  Seriously.

UPDATE: Wholesaling University is now closed to new charter members. I’m sure they’ll reopen at some point, at which point I’ll make sure and alert REI Tips subscribers.

Also, don’t miss the valuable bonus package I’m offering on a limited basis exclusively for REI Tips folks. This is good until the close the doors to new charter members.  It’s a series of in-depth interviews I conducted with 6 non-gurus…really, really solid stuff.

You can check it out here or click the image below to view it on a new page.

Limited Bonus for Wholesaling University. Click for details...

Also, you can read my personal assessment of Than’s Wholesaling Univerity here, on the page with the full interview audio.

Hope you enjoyed the tip!  And as always, your comments are welcome.

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