Friday, May 26th, 2017

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Product Review: “THE RED PILL” by Preston Ely

Over the last week or so, I’ve had half a dozen folks ask me (via email and in person) to share my frank, honest opinion of Preston Ely’s latest release, “The Red Pill“.  So I asked to preview it and have actually been going through it for the last few days.

This thing’s releasing to the public Tuesday 10/17.  So while I’m not quite finished yet, I want to go ahead and share my off-the-cuff thoughts so far.  As always, my aim is to help any of my fellow investors who may be sizing it up for yourself…

A Brilliant Marketer for Sure…

As with any course/system/event Preston releases, this one’s being marketed brilliantly.  No one can question, this guy knows how to promote.  He fully embraces controversy (which sells well, btw) and is clearly not afraid to polarize an audience, either for or against him.  Again, brilliant posturing…even his “haters” just give him more press.

But truth be told, I’ve known Preston for around 4 years now.  I’m neither a “groupie” nor a “hater”.  I consider him a friend…but we don’t really “hang”, if that makes sense.

We first met when he approached me back in the day about writing articles for and promoting his $50 wholesaling e-book.  That never happened b/c it conflicted with Steve’s stuff, but we actually did end up joint venturing a Saturday workshop together on Probate deals – one that he eventually turned into the core content for his eventual probate course.

One Thing I’ve Learned About Preston…

…is this: Love him or hate him, he’s undeniably successful…both in his real estate endeavors and in his online marketing ventures. (Not so much in his love life…but anyway…)

You may or may not like his personal style, his rock star persona, the frequency of his email marketing, or his Texas sized ego…but set all that aside for a second and take a good, hard look at the real guy and the stuff he’s made of…and you’ll see there’s a heck of a lot you can learn from.

Preston seems somehow consistently able to accomplish what most only imagine.  And he usually does it lightning fast, while everyone else is still wondering if it can/should be done.  I’ve always admired this about him… And frankly need to be a lot more like him in that way.

Does He Always Win?

No, of course not.  But when he does win, he tends to WIN BIG.  And when he doesn’t win, he still wins because he’s learned how to extract every bit of value he can from each and every “loss”.

It’s more than just positive thinking…more than just the law of attraction…or persistence…or hard work…or luck…

This is a guy who’s figured out how to grab life by the tail and make it squeal about any way he wants.

Said another way, whether you like the flavor of what Preston cooks up or not, it’s simply undeniable that he’s  a very, very exceptional “chef” of his own life – and I mean that in a holistic sense (health, financial, spiritual, and relational).

This is exactly where the Red Pill comes from.  And when you take it from this perspective I’ll tell you…Well, I’ve been very, very impress so far.

Is This Right For Everyone?

Nah, of course not.  No product or service is right for everyone.

But I’ll tell you that my honest assessment is that, for me, it totally kicks butt.  I’ve already changed my daily routine because of it and have experienced some positive results to show for it. I love the affirmations…but this is really so much more than just positive self-talk…and I’m looking thoroughly forward to finishing it all the way through.

If you’re considering investing your hard-earned education dollars in The Red Pill (or anything else for that matter), my best advice is to take-in everything you can about it in processing through your decision.  It’s called “due diligence” and it’s just good common sense.

Reading this review was a great start.  Also, if it’s still available, here’s the free module he’s giving away, along with the  “affirmations” I like a lot. You should take them in as well…

See for yourself if his perspective truly resonates with you or not.  It does for me…and again…that’s coming from someone who does NOT automatically endorse all-things Preston Ely.  But what about you? Only you can judge that.

Ultimately, if you do invest in The Red Pill, know that you’ll be protected by a minimum 30-day guarantee. Just be sure you jump into it and start applying what you learn.

Hope that helps!

My best,

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JP's not a “guru” but also doesn't think it's a bad word. Among his core values are authenticity, creativity, big honkin' value, general fun-ness and being unshaven. He's super proud to be chief blogger guy at and host of the free REIology podcast. He also thoroughly enjoys sharing his 53 best real estate investing forms with anyone who wants them. You should totally check that out. :-)

  • Dizzy

    This is a review of the product? For chrissakes, tell us something about it.

  • This guy is wild. Blew my mind the first few times I ever saw his marketing. I thought, “Can you sell product by telling people they suck if they don’t do something or that you’re going to be a kick a$$ rockstar if you do?” The answer is apparently YES : )

  • Nice site. Thanks for the site .

  • Jcaicedo

    Preston’s material is a joke..He makes it sound like wholesaling is the easiest thing in the world when it’s one of the hardest..He also makes it sound like it’s a one man operation, it isn’t..Unless you know what ARV means, knowing your market and knowing what areas are profitableand being upfront, stay away from this stuff..He made his money in Tampa when the market was hot and his technique isn’t infallible nor will it work every single time..The banks are taking care of that it seems..Takehim w/ a canister of salt b/c he didn’t do all this on his own..he had help but doesn’t tell you that..It’s impossible for one person working  9-5 job to wholesale like he does..I’m not buying it..

  • HI, Jcaicedo. Thanks for commenting! While I’m not one of the many Preston groupies, I’ll also say I disagree with you on a number of fronts. Wholesaling can be done successfully all by yourself…that’s my personal story. But it’s also best to start bringing others in to help you grow and make you even more successful, whether it’s partners, employees, virtual assistants, or whatever. You can do it by yourself…and that’s where most start…but you’d be wise to progress beyond the one man show.

    Preston’s education is not bad material. Some of it’s so-so and then some of it’s very good in my opinion. I happen to think the Red Pill is one of the best things he’s ever put out. That’s coming from someone who’s personally reviewed it. Is it marketed in a very hype-y way? Absolutely. And that’s not my style. But that aside, the material’s solid and I recommend it.

    I say, set the persona of Preston Ely aside…set the hype aside…set the “rock star” aside…and the material he has actually stands on its own.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts after reading your remarks. But again, thanks for stopping by and commenting!



  • It’s this kind of negativity that you’ve already set right in front of yourself to fail. That’s pretty much it. His material is NOT a joke and you CAN do this. But not with an attitude like yours man. The world has already beat you. Preston was even kind enough to GIVE me his guide Flip Your Way and I’ll tell you something…it’s EASY to set yourself up as the middle man, find a motivated seller (easy in this economy) and then turn around and find a buyer. Rich Dad Poor Dad…same idea. Nothing is impossible unless you tell yourself it is.

  • Well said, Ziah. Well said indeed.