4 Essentials for Getting Private Money

Let’s face it. Getting financing for your real estate deals is a good bit more challenging in 2008 than it was 2 or 3 years ago. In the past investors had their pick of financing options. From conventional bank financing at…

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New, Free HUD-1 Generator Released

Ross Treakle today announced the release of his new Free HUD-1 Generator. This is actually a program he and his brother Graham (“Mr. Banker”) released privately several months ago, limited to his social networking site subscribers. But after having received a good deal of positive feedback….

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Need Private Money? I Recommend This…

I’m completely swamped right now – gotta run out to the Memphis board of Realtors for some real estate license junk. Ugh…Before I run out, I just wanted to let you know about something really exceptional. Something I wholeheartedly and passionately endorse…

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Quick-Flip Selling Tip: List It!

Today I want to share a nifty tip Andy Proper emailed me on Friday. Now if you’re also a subscriber to Andy’s Teamwork Lead System newsletter, then you may have already read it. (If you’re not, then you should be. Andy’s a class act, with an innovative, proven model worth emulating. Seriously, check it out.)

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Lions and Tigers and Bailouts, Oh My!

I first heard about all the fuss with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on Sunday while at Shaun McCloskey’s short sale bootcamp. Someone had mentioned it, after catching a glimpes of the news on a break. Now that I’m back in town I’ve done a little reading up on what’s going on…

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When Real Estate Investing Courses Are Wrong (Video)

Earlier this week I was “thrilled” to discover I had to drive to Nashville to personally attend a 2-day meeting of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. Fully expecting to be bored to tears, I was pleasantly surprised to find that eavesdropping on the commission contending with a month’s worth of…

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