Are You Taking Action or Making Excuses?

Rather than talk about a “real estate” issue this week, per se… I want to address the topic of taking action and getting started – and being accountable. I’m going to warn you that this might be a little hard, but I’m getting tired of….

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“Virtual REO Investing” Guys Under the Spotlight (A Revealing Interview)

After hearing some good feedback from my impromptu interview with Jack Bosch the other day, I decided to rinse & repeat……but this time, with Mark Jackson and Sam Bell, the guys behind tomorrow’s (10/1) “Virtual REO Investing” launch. If you’re considering it, then I’d suggest you give our short chat a listen before you plop down your credit card….

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Oklahoma Newbie Flips 2 Short Sales, Scores Nicely (Listen)

Here’s the latest in my “man on the street” series of interviews.

It came about after Cory Boatright told me about one of his Shortsaleology members, Ron Harris. Ron’s a relative new investor from Oklahoma who’d recently flipped a couple of short sales netting him more than enough to completely pay off all his business debt and still pocket a nice piece of change. So I says, “Let’s hear his story!”

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Short Sale Guy Gets Personal with Countrywide

Here’s a handy resource worth passing along. And it’s one you short sale investors out there will find particularly useful…Short sale guy Shaun “The Swan” McCloskey just posted DIRECT contact info for some of the “higher ups” at Countrywide on his blog….

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