Here’s the latest in my “man on the street” series of interviews.

It came about after Cory Boatright told me about one of his Shortsaleology members, Ron Harris.

Ron’s a relative new investor from Oklahoma who’d recently flipped a couple of short sales netting him more than enough to completely pay off all his business debt and still pocket a nice piece of change.

So I says, “Let’s hear his story!”


This is not a guru interview.  Nothing for sale. It’s just my personal chat with Ron about his 2 deals, and I thought you’d enjoy hearing it.

Some of what we covered:

  • The “numbers” on each deal (ARV, bank discount, purchase price, sales price, estimated repairs, profit, etc.)
  • The “nuts and bolts” of each deal (acquisition methods, exit strategies, problems encountered, lessons learned, specific resources used, etc.)
  • Are you a “short sales specialist” or a “real estate generalist?”
  • What got you into short sales specifically?
  • What’s your market like right now?
  • What’s your median home price, and how did these deals compare?
  • What’s your primary form of deal marketing?
  • What were hurdles did you face and how did you overcome them?
  • What were your biggest “take away” lessons from each deal?

Also, a few other bullet points I took down from our chat…

  • High paid I.T. guy transitioning into full-time REI
  • Profits from his last couple of deals more than completely paid off his $25k in business debt
  • One deal he snagged INSTEAD of Cory specifically b/c of his own custom direct mail piece
  • The benefit of an abundance vs a scarcity mentality
  • Why he took the time out of one deal to teach an 80 year old former nun how to do a budget
  • The one website he used to quickly flip BOTH houses in 10 days
  • How he saves time by using technology to prescreen his potential buyers (even in today’s market)

So scroll up and give it a listen.  Or download and listen later.

Either way, I’m glad to share it and hope you enjoy it.

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