Do you ever look around and think, ‘Wow, that investor is really killin’ it! How the heck am I supposed to compete with him?’

Well, the good news is – you’re not alone.

Hey there, Steven Howell here, to tell you – we’ve all been there. Newbie investors. Seasoned investors. Even me. No one is immune to this…

Comparing yourself to others is just human nature.

Look, I get it, you see other investors’ billboards and podcasts and YouTube videos and you think there is no way a seller or cash buyer is going to work with you instead of the big dogs.

Your mind can run wild – I know, I’ve been down that rabbit hole.

So, check out my video post today where I tell you about my personal experiences with this yucky spiral and how to get back out of it and on the right track.


So, don’t let the competition mess with your mind. Stop the self-doubt.

Get back in check… with positivity… and do those deals.

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How do you blast through the competition?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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