Here’s a handy resource worth passing along.  And it’s one you short sale investors out there will find particularly useful…

Short sale guy Shaun “The Swan” McCloskey just posted DIRECT contact info for some of the “higher ups” at Countrywide on his blog.

Just to be clear, if you find ever should yourself negotiating a short sale deal with Countrywide, this could be invaluable information for you to have handy.

And it’s really a great freebie Shaun’s giving away, no strings attached.  Just please don’t abuse it and please leave Shaun a friendly comment saying, “thanks”.

And feel free to ask him about that “Swan” nickname while you’re at it.  🙂

Original Email from Shaun “The Swan” McCloskey…

Hi Everyone,

We just got a foreclosure sale postponed an addt’l 30 days so we could have enough time to work the short sale.  Why was this such a huge feat you ask?  Well, the sale date was set for TOMORROW.

After a little arm twisting, Countrywide was willing to postpone the foreclosure sale right at the last minute.  Why were they willing to do this?  Because frankly we knew THE RIGHT PEOPLE to get in touch with to make it happen.

I’ve put together some of the most important contacts you could ever know at Countrywide, so if you’re not getting answers, click here for a list of  the people you should talk to.

I posted it for you here on my blog.

What are you grateful for today?

Shaun McCloskey

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