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This is a showcase of real estate blogs from around the net. It’s a complimentary service to our readers. If you want to add your blog to the list below, you can do so here. Enjoy…

 Always in Good Faith: Adventures in Real Estate Investing

  • Blogger: Shae
  • Area(s) of focus: South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale area)
  • Real Estate Focus: Rehabbing for retail and rental, Wholesaling
  • About this blog: A husband and wife’s faithful journey towards financial freedom through real estate investing. I created this blog as a virtual accountability partner and record of the growth of our business.  I also hope that it will serve as a resource to other aspiring and current real estate investors
  • This blog is for: Anyone interested in starting and/or growing a real estate investing business. Anyone who is refusing to participate in a recession 🙂

  • Blogger: Craig Fuhr
  • Area(s) of focus: Residential. Multi-unit residential. Rehabbing for retail, and rental.  Short
    sales.  Wholesales.
  • About this blog: My Blog is a way of giving back in the same way that was given to me.  I have had the benefit of great mentors, and I feel its time for me to start giving in the same way. focuses on rehab details and deals, short sale deals, re-investing news, tips, and details about my life as an investor.
  • This blog is for: Anyone interested in reading and learning more about all aspects of real estate investing, from marketing, to negotiating, to rehabbing, to selling for profit.

dealmakersblogDealmaker’s Blog

  • Blogger: Sean Terry
  • Area(s) of focus: Arizona | Nationwide
  • Real estate focus: Cash Flow Properties
  • About this blog: “Ramblings of a Real Estate Mogul” -Learn Real Estate Investing Strategies for the Current Market and Beyond from Two Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investors.
  • This blog is for: Any investor looking to advance his or her career.

Flipping Me SoftlyFlipping Me Softly

  • Blogger: Mason T Kibler
  • Area(s) of focus: Phoenix & South Central PA
  • Real estate focus: Wholesales (REOs/FSBO/MLS)
  • About this blog: I am a brand new wholesaler writing a blog to show my daily tasks from day 1 in order to help other new investors with how to start.  I mix in a little humor and personal musings, but mostly focus on what I’m learning each day. Still very new.
  • This blog is for: The blog focuses on new investors who are looking to see how to begin their careers from Day 1; and for accomplished investors to follow along and reminisce about their own beginning.

Flipping Southeast Wisconsin

  • Blogger: Eileen Meyer
  • About this blog: My blog keeps me accountable for making offers, marketing, selling, finding buyers, etc. I just post my daily and/or weekly real estate triumphs and tribulations. Maybe someone could learn from me OR I could learn from someone else!
  • This blog is for: Any real estate investor interested in reading about other real estate investors dealings in the current real estate market.

Flipping Ohio

  • Blogger: Sam Stewart
  • Area(s) of focus: Central Ohio
  • Real estate focus: Wholesaling
  • About this blog: I created this blog to share my journey into house flipping and real estate investment in central Ohio. It will serve as a record of the challenges and obstacles that I must overcome if I am to become successful.
  • This blog is for: Anyone interested in utilizing real estate investment as a way to supplement your current income and eventually replace your JOB.

Flip This Wholesaler

  • Blogger: Stephani
  • Area(s) of focus: Tampa, FL
  • Real estate focus: Wholesaling
  • About this blog: Flip This Wholesaler is a daily account of what it’s like to be an active wholesaler in today’s market.
  • This blog is for: Anyone who wants to know what it’s really like out there in the trenches.

Foreclosed Real Estate Philippinesphilippines

  • Blogger: Jay Castillo
  • Area(s) of focus: Investing in bank foreclosed properties and tax foreclosures all over the Philippines
  • About this blog: I started my blog as a tool that has all of my foreclosed property listings online along with lessons learned in my journey to financial freedom. I was surprised with the huge response from readers and I use this to inspire me to share as much information as I can even if people might think I am sharing too much secrets of the
    trade, if there is such a thing. I believe in having an abundance mentality where there is more than enough for everyone and I hope to help as many people as I can to be successful real estate investors.
  • This blog is for: All real estate investors who want to start investing in foreclosures in the Philippines.


  • Blogger: Scott Taylor
  • Area(s) of focus:Currently Virginia Beach, but moving to San Luis Obispo CA in July ’08
  • Real estate focus:wholesale/whole-tail (per Shaun McCloskey)
  • About this blog: It’s a chronicle of my first year as a real estate investor.
  • This blog is for: Other new/apprentice investors. those who read/like Tampasteph’s blog. My kind of people.

Must Know Investing

  • Blogger: Patrick Riddle
  • Area of Focus: Charleston, SC
  • Real Estate Focus: Buying and holding single family homes using creative real estate strategies.
  • About this blog: Provides investors with creative real estate investing tips, tools, and techniques. I’ve been a full time real estate investor since 2002 and . . . being a teacher at heart . . . started this blog to provide investors with a free place to learn actionable information on creative real estate investing.
  • This blog is for: Anyone who wants to learn about getting private money, buying property subject to, structuring seller financing, wholesaling, marketing, additional financing strategies and really anyone who wants real content and not just a bunch of fluff.”

“Pomaika`i” – The Blog of Andy Proper

  • Blogger: Andy Proper
  • About this blog: It’s a unique blending of insight on faith, life, real estate, and marketing.
  • This blog is for: The world, which desperately needs to know the love of Jesus Christ

investing-secretsReal Estate Investing Secrets

  • Blogger: Scott Roemermann
  • Area(s) of focus: USA
  • About this blog: I feel beginners get ‘stuck’ because they want to know details that get glossed over by most sites as they launch into more advanced topics.  With I aim to offer pragmatic, actionable tips specifically for real estate investing beginners.
  • This blog is for: Real estate investing beginners – people who are yet to do their first deal.

Real Estate Wholesale Marketing Secrets

  • Blogger: Sonny Collova
  • Area(s) of focus: Tampa Bay Area and USA
  • Real estate focus: Wholesale, subject to, rentals, private money, commercial
  • About this blog: Wholesale real estate investing tips and ideas.
  • This blog is for: Active, new, and passive investors.

Scott Patterson’s Blog on Flipping Houses

  • Blogger: Scott Patterson
  • Area(s) of focus: Charlotte NC
  • Real estate focus: Rehabbing for the retail buyer, wholesaling
  • About this blog: A video blog of flipping houses with practical real world advice on running a flipping houses business.
  • This blog is for: Novice to experienced investor looking for some advice and tips with meat to it.

Short Sale FundamentalsShort Sale Fundamentals

  • Blogger: Cory Boatright
  • Area(s) of focus: Oklahoma & Nationwide
  • Real estate focus: Short Sales
  • About this blog: It’s the blog of national short sale expert Cory Boatright.
  • This blog is for: Anyone who’s interested or involved in the short sale arena of real estate investing.

Struggling to Get Started struggling to get started

  • Blogger: Scott Costello
  • Area(s) of focus: Morris County, NJ
  • Real estate focus: Wholesaling/Birddogging
  • About this blog: Follow a complete newbie along his path to becoming a wholesaler in Northern New Jersey. I have no prior experience with investing so I’m figuring everything out one step at a time and one struggle at a time.
  • This blog is for: Anyone who wants to know what it’s really like to begin an investing career.

  • Blogger: Tom Tarrant
  • Area(s) of focus: San Antonio, Texas
  • Real estate focus: rehabbing, wholesaling
  • About this blog: My blog is geared for rehabbers and investors who wish to follow along with our current flip and see past projects. Additionally, we offer tips and info on investing in San Antonio. Nothing for sale here, only good old fashioned content!.
  • This blog is for: Anyone interested in real estate investing and flipping. Anyone who likes to watch those flip TV shows. Anyone looking for more info on San Antonio.

Wholesale Deals USAwholesaledealsusa

  • Blogger: Bill Lassiter
  • Area(s) of focus: Hampton Roads Virginia & Nationwide
  • Real estate focus: Virtual wholesaling, real estate education
  • About this blog: Wholesale Deals USA is developed for all real estate investors; focusing on the wholesaling and virtual wholesaling niche. Relative content will be posted to inform,
    enlighten, educate, and inspire new as well as seasoned investors.
  • This blog is for: Anyone interested in virtual wholesaling and positive/inspirational messages.

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