I wanted to share a special report with you that’s well worth reading if you haven’t yet already.  It’s a real estate investor’s “1 Year Job Elimination Plan” written by my good friend Steve Cook.

Ready to fire your boss?It’s kind of a “white paper” special report that lays out a workable plan for how you can use your part time real estate investing endeavors to achieve full time freedom and kick your J.O.B. to the curb in 12 months or less.

Now clearly this is just one plan – there’s more than one way to skin this cat.  But I really like how methodical Steve’s approach to this is, and I think you’ll find thought provoking and inspiring at the very least.

And hey, the price is right! 🙂 …

How to get it for free…

Apparently my friend Dan Auito has just released a big, honkin’ e-book that’s basically a handy compilation of over 95 real estate investing authors.  While he’s offering it for what I think is a pretty reasonable price, he’s also giving away the first few chapters free for a limited time.

And included in those chapters?  You guessed it…Steve’s “1 Year Job Elimination Plan”

So the deal is, you don’t have to buy anything unless you want to. Dan’s book may be great – I honestly haven’t had time to read it.  But I know Dan and like him an his moustache a lot.

(…OK, that’s not really Dan…but you gotta give mad props to that guy!  Dan runs a great community over at Magic Bullets and he does have a ‘stache, but not nearly as crazy awesome as this one! :-),

So I suggest taking 30 secs to at least get the freebie chapters so you can read Steve’s Job Elimination Plan if nothing else.

Update: Dan’s Offer on Steve’s 1-Year Job Elimination Plan has since expired. But since Steve’s a friend of mine, he’s allowing me to continue providing you with his plan, free of charge.

Click here to download Steve Cook’s

1-Year Job Elimination Plan FREE…

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