Heading into the weekend I just want to pass along an article I read today that, frankly, really challenged me.

It’s from short sale guy Josh Cantwell sharing his thoughts on the Fannie/Freddie Mac seizure doubtless everyone in the free world should be keenly aware of by now.

Now I should clarify, he didn’t ask me to send this to you, and it’s not meant to promote a product our anything.  In fact I didn’t even ask his permission to reprint it here on the blog, so I’m linking to it directly.  I just think it’s worth reading and want you to also be challenged by it.

I say it was “challenging” to me because despite the fact that…and I gotta be honest here…

It feels to me like we’ve just been force fed another Socialism hamburger

But Josh says it may have still been the best thing to do…and I have to admit that he may just be right.

Ugh…I really don’t know for sure.  I waiver frankly.  At times I can’t stand the idea, and feel like it’s just a postponement of the inevitable demise of two bloated, unhealthy behemoth creatures.

At other times I’m forced to honestly consider the other side of the coin.  And when I do, I find myself hoping this might just play out the way they’re saying it should, giving our economy a much needed nudge forward.

Anyway, here’s Josh’s article.  Hope it adds to the conversation in your own mind in a constructive way. 🙂

Thanks, Josh, for messing with my head just before the weekend!

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