Friday, May 26th, 2017

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“Norton’s Secret Profits Formula, Part Duex (Plus, Win a Flip Cam)” »

Hey, let me just say, I think you’re going to be really glad you opened this blog post today. 🙂 For starters I have something really freakin’ awesome to share: Part two of my “grilling” interview with “Mr. Six-Figures-A-Month”. I’m also hereby inviting you to toss your entry in the hat for a big contest […]

6 Figures-A-Month Investor Reveals New “Secret Profits Formula” »

I have a Christmas gift for you.  Don’t miss it or you’ll kick yourself… Please listen to this short message… [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Remember Bob Norton? He’s the former janitor-turned-investor from Detroit I interviewed during my Saturday Workshop Sessions. He was the one bringing in six figures a month as a […]

“Virtual REO Investing” Guys Under the Spotlight (A Revealing Interview) »

After hearing some good feedback from my impromptu interview with Jack Bosch the other day, I decided to rinse & repeat… …but this time, with Mark Jackson and Sam Bell, the guys behind tomorrow’s (10/1) “Virtual REO Investing” launch. If you’re considering it, then I’d suggest you give our short chat a listen before you […]

ShortSaleology Offers Short Sale Negotiating, Private Funding, Mastermind »

(Note: This post contains both audio and video resources below.) It’s no secret that we’re in the midst of a nationwide real estate foreclosure tsunami. The question is, are you just reeling because of it?  Or are you equipped to respond aptly, and carve yourself off a nice hunk of opportunity, with a side of […]

“Do Not Rent To” Database Helps Landlords Screen Tenants, Avoid Nightmares »

I’ve got a great little spotlight audio interview and a short You Tube video I found that’s hilarious (if you’re a landlord) below. But first, consider this… They say you never forget “your first time”. It must be true. I know I won’t forget mine anytime soon. The first time I was notably stiffed by […]