Saturday, May 27th, 2017

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FHA No Flipping Rule Waived (Again) »

If you like good news and happiness, check this out… So back in January 2010 we reported (and rejoiced) that the FHA had decided to suspend the 90-day anti-flipping rule for 1 year. The now-infamous rule was originally intended to prevent shady speculators from defrauding the government, but it also stifled the purchase and renovation […]

How to Sell Your House in a Down Market (or Any Market) in 3 Days »

Fannie Mae Relaxes Rules for Once Troubled Borrowers (Investor Opportunity?) »

So Government mortgage giant Fannie Mae has just announced some interesting new mortgage underwriting guidelines in an April 14th bulletin to lenders. And among them is a tasty little tidbit that changes things for a certain slice of troubled mortgage borrowers — a time-frame change the investment community would do well to have on our […]

Who’s Getting Rich Off Rich Dad? »

So have you ever been to one of those hotel real estate investing seminars over an evening or weekend? No, not your local REIA or Meetup group.  I mean the ones we see advertised all the time in newspapers, late night TV or now even Facebook actually: “Free Home Buyer Seminar!” “Real Estate Secrets Revealed!”… […]

True Crime: FDIC {Hearts} One West (Screws Everyone Else) »

Hold onto your hats, folks. This one’s pretty mind blowing… Have you heard about the “sweetheart deal” One West Bank got when they purchased Indymac’s junk from the FDIC? They were basically spoon fed a no-lose situation…but one that’s absolutely costing mom and pop taxpayers (i.e. you and me) more than a few arms and […]

FHA Property Flipping Waiver: An Executive Summary of “Must Knows” »

On Friday January 15, 2010 we posted the FHA’s announcement to suspend their now infamous 90-day anti-flipping rule for 1 year, effective February 1, 2010. Yes, this is great news for investors trying to flip properties to FHA Buyers!  But after reading carefully through it myself, I see there are also some caveats and important […]

FHA Suspends 90 Day Seasoning “Flip Rule” for One Year! »

Friday, January 15, 2010 So I just got back from a late night donut run, and found some titillating news for investors awaiting my return… Apparently today the FHA has suspended the 90-day anti-flipping rule for 1 year, effective February 1, 2010. So for at least the next dozen months, FHA buyers can obtain loans […]

We’re Back!…And De-Hacked!…Here, Have Some Links! »

Hey, guys – So the deal is, I’ve been unable to post here for quite some time.  Seems December was the month for our site to be targeted by some Saudi hacker who wanted to use our server to wage Jihad on the world wide web. But here we are, about a month and a […]

Battle of the REI Blogs? (Please Help!) »

There’s a nifty little contest going on RIGHT NOW called “Battle of the REI Blogs” …and I’m in the running! My buddy Patrick invited me to duke it out among the top 11 real estate investing bloggers on the interwebs (what an honor!).  And the ultimate victor will be whoever’s blog is #1 in the […]

Landlords Are Charging How Much? (How to Find Out) »

Here’s a cool, new resource a whole bunch of folks will find useful… Want to know what landlords are asking for rents in the areas where you invest?  Maybe you’re a landlord and want to spy efficiently on your competition?  Or a virtual investor trying to quickly ascertain rents from afar? Enter… Their tagline […]