Saturday, May 27th, 2017

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Reader Mail: “Can I Double Flip?” »

Yay, it’s reader mail time! Today we’re taking on a nagging question I actually hear a lot of noobs ask about the possibility of flipping houses that other investors already have under contract… From: JACQUELINE BROWN To: ** REI Tips ** Subject: I have a Question Hi, Thanks so much for your very informative website, […]

Video: Real Estate Option Vs. Contract »

Hey, it’s time for some more Reader Mail! This one comes from the little survey thingy in the sidebar of this here blog… “My biggest real estate investing question *right now* is why would an investor use a purchase contract when an option contract doesn’t have the same requirements of us as investors? Is this […]

Reader Mail: “My Dang Realtor Won’t List My Option Deal!” »

Here’s an interesting Reader Mail question I got in follow up to “The Real Estate Option Contract…Undressed” post. It deals with: land options, equitable interest, and ignorant Realtors… See if you can identify with Ken’s question, and/or maybe you have some feedback of your own you can offer him… From: Ken Barns To: ** REI […]

Wholesalers: “How Can I Keep My Buyers/Sellers From Cutting Me Out?” »

I got a great question via email this morning.  And in the spirit of my new reader mail campaign (see the sidebar survey), I’d like to share my response for everyone’s benefit.  I welcome your comments. From: Mike C. Sent: Friday, April 23, 9:12 AM To: ** REI Tips ** Subject: Re: Question? I haven’t […]