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The Art of the Contractor Lien Waiver (free download)

Contractor Lien Waiver

Ah, the contractor lien waiver… Unassuming… Underrated… Undeniably essential… So recently I was chatting with my bud Brian about one of his deals… (You may remember brian from my “Pink Bath, Buyers Out the Wazoo” case study a while back – he’s a short saler, rehabber and darn fine transactional lender.) …and he was sharing with […]

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Free Form: Irrevocable Master Fee Agreement

So in my recent interview with Bulk REO guy Kenny Rushing, he mentioned he typically uses a special document called a “Master Fee Agreement” to protect his interest when brokering a bulk REO deal – one where he acts as a middleman between the seller of a Bulk REO tape and a buyer. Well regardless of […]

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