Saturday, May 27th, 2017

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The Art of the Contractor Lien Waiver (free download) »

Ah, the contractor lien waiver… Unassuming… Underrated… Undeniably essential… So recently I was chatting with my bud Brian about one of his deals… (You may remember brian from my “Pink Bath, Buyers Out the Wazoo” case study a while back – he’s a short saler, rehabber and darn fine transactional lender.) …and he was sharing with […]

Free Form: Irrevocable Master Fee Agreement »

So in my recent interview with Bulk REO guy Kenny Rushing, he mentioned he typically uses a special document called a “Master Fee Agreement” to protect his interest when brokering a bulk REO deal – one where he acts as a middleman between the seller of a Bulk REO tape and a buyer. Well regardless of […]

The Art of Dispossessing Deadbeats: “Cash for Keys” Unraveled »

* Note: There’s a fresh, hot and tasty FREE REI form waiting for you at this end of this here article. 🙂 So I was reminded recently of an important tactic I learned way back in my first year as an investor.  It’s a handy maneuver that has saved me heaps of time, money and […]

The Non-Exclusive, “Flexible” Real Estate Option, Demystified »

You guys are so great about sharing how much you appreciate my free REI forms and enjoythe time-to-time “videos I put out on how to use them. So hey…here’s another one! This one’s about a relatively “new breed” of option contract that’s become increasingly popular over the last few years – the non-exclusive, “flexible option”. […]

Crazy Awesome Landlord Form: “The Way Things Work” Addendum »

It seems far too long since I’ve posted a new free real estate investing form…so here you go, folks! Honestly this is one of the handiest little forms in my new tenant packet.  Basically it restates a handful of crucial items from the lease, and does it in plain English so I KNOW we have […]

The Memorandum of Agreement Explained (Free) »

Hey, guys! Yep, that’s right, it’s time for another FREE REI form and video! Yay! This one comes from my buddy and short sale sherpa Shaun – and actually I had to get special permission to use it, as it comes right out of the forms videos included in his full Short Sale Wealth Academy […]

Carving Up The Real Estate Contract Assignment (Free Form, Plus Video) »

OK, friends – it’s time for yet another riveting episode of me giving you a free real estate investing form, and walking you through it on video. Yay! In case you missed the others, you can back track ’em here. Today’s installment brings you my Assignment Agreement, which is in my opinion one of the […]

Real Estate Purchase Contract…Undressed (Free Download, Plus Video) »

You remember the free option agreement form and video I gave out recently? Here’s another one for you… Today it’s my “Quick N’ Dirty” buying contract — specifically the one I use for wholesale/quick flip deals…and even more specifically when going “belly to belly” with an individual seller (i.e. non-listed property) I think you’ll be […]

The Real Estate Option Contract…Undressed (Plus Free Download) »

Ok, so if you heard my recent interview with Andy Proper about his Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint, then you may recall I promised I’d share my personal real estate option agreement with anyone who’d like to see and use it. Then I decided to do one better and make a video about it, kind of […]