Saturday, May 27th, 2017

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Rehabbers: Using Your Own Cash? Danger! »

So I just learned something salient I think you should really be aware of if you’re not already.  Especially if you’re considering a cash-out refinance at some point in your future. If that’s you, then danger, Will Robinson, danger! Here, listen to this… [Audio clip: view full post to listen] It’s a short snippet from […]

Announcing: A Fancy, New Podcast! (And a Wee Bribe) »

I’m thrilled to finally be able to share an announcement that’s been simmering for (quite literally) years now.  This is extremely fulfilling for me, and colossal win for you at the same time… We Gots Us a Fancy New Internet Radio Show! That’s right, it’s a brand spankin’ new podcast affectionately called: REIology » Real Estate Investing Simplified […]

New Market Rules: Why MAO Can Be a Moving Target »

It’s no secret that today’s real estate market is a good bit different than even a couple of years ago, right?  Sure, the fundamentals are all the same.  And the opportunity for making really great profits is still very much alive – arguably even more so. But still, there are some key, noteworthy shifts we […]

3 Things I Wish I’d Known When I First Started Investing »

This one goes out to…the noobs I love…  (Queue weepy REM music here) And by “noobs” I mean newbies.  I.E. anyone who’s been at this real estate investing thing for a couple years or less. If that’s you, then this post’s for you. 😉 Truth be told, there’s is there’s a heap of things I […]

Video: The Haunted House Rehab (and a Double Dog Dare) »

So not too long ago I was engaging in some masterminding, a bit of business building and a heap of tom-foolery in Baltimore with some close friends. And while there I got the chance to go see a bunch of Craig Fuhr’s rehab projects one afternoon. Let me just say… . There’s nothing like spending […]

Debt Free Investing: Is "Good Debt vs Bad Debt" a Myth? »

Good Debt vs Bad Debt…ever heard of it? Sure, if you’re like me then you probably learned the now sacred cow “good debt vs bad debt” philosophy in Rich Dad, Poor Dad at some point.  And it seems to make good sense, doesn’t it? Good debt vs bad debt 101 tells us… Bad debt is debt […]

Visioneering Life: The Remarkable Reward of Wrestling With Big Questions »

Well this may be the strangest blog post I’ve ever written.  I’m typing this from the 8th floor of Palmetto Richland Hospital in Columbia, SC. More on that in a sec.  But first, looking back I can hardly believe it’s actually it’s been over 2 months since I last posted here — WOWZERS! So where have I […]

Is HUD Opening the Floodgates? »

So I’ve mentioned before how lucky I am to be part of this really phenomenal mastermind group called the Flip VIPs. Besides our in-person meetings thrice yearly, another big, fat benefit I enjoy from this posse is the ongoing collaboration and free flow of information we share privately via email. So just this week my […]

Gold Digging: How to Mine the MLS for an Opportunity Market »

So I got something tasty for you today, folks. We’ve never done this before, but it’s high time. Here’s the deal: On a recent Saturday, we broadcast our first-ever live MLS market research webcast.  Maybe you recall hearing about it? It was a very raw, real workshop in the truest sense of the word… Imagine Bob Norton […]

FHA No Flipping Rule Waived (Again) »

If you like good news and happiness, check this out… So back in January 2010 we reported (and rejoiced) that the FHA had decided to suspend the 90-day anti-flipping rule for 1 year. The now-infamous rule was originally intended to prevent shady speculators from defrauding the government, but it also stifled the purchase and renovation […]