Sunday, April 13th, 2014

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25 Proven Deal-Getting Strategies »

So my Flip VIP buddy Mike Ferris just sent me this awesome list of 25 time-tested, proven ways to find/get great real estate deals (see below).  He prepared for discussion at this month’s meeting for the REIA group he runs in Delaware. Now Mike and his wife Christina have done hundreds of deals since they […]

Demystifying the Real Estate Auction in 19 Minutes »

So it all started with an alluring email… “Ok, help me out here guys. Looking for your input…. just called me to confirm that I got the accepted offer.  However, they are different from where the bid is the bid and you win. With the seller has the right to say yes […]

Jackpot: Pink Baths, Buyers Out the Wazoo (A Case Study) »

Meet Brian… Brian’s a short-sale rehabber from Milwaukee.  As a “fix and flip” guy, Brian gets giddy at the chance to turn a diamond in the rough junker into a bright, shiny showpiece. He does it over and over again, and it turns out he’s gotten pretty darn good at it over the years. And […]

Reader Mail: “Can I Double Flip?” »

Yay, it’s reader mail time! Today we’re taking on a nagging question I actually hear a lot of noobs ask about the possibility of flipping houses that other investors already have under contract… From: JACQUELINE BROWN To: ** REI Tips ** Subject: I have a Question Hi, Thanks so much for your very informative website, […]

How to “ZillowPimp” Your House »

So I discovered this terrific tip today in my inbox.  It came in an email from my buddy and fellow Flip VIP Brian Meidam. Fact: You know that tasty new house you’ve got for sale?  Well anybody on the planet who’s interested will probably look it up on Zillow at some point.  That’s just the […]

Crowdsourcing Experiment: Which Gurus Do You <3 ? »

I got something I think you’ll really love today. And it’ll help us all out in the end… Remember that “Open Letter to All the Gurus We’ve Ever Loved Before blog post?.  Judging by the gaggle of comments — well over a hundred and going strong — to say “I struck a nerve” would be […]

To All The Gurus We’ve Ever Loved Before (A Frank, Open Letter) »

I gotta get something off my chest.  And let me say from the start, my goal is not to make enemies or ruffle feathers…though I realize it’ll probably happen anyway.  But enough is enough.  And now I feel I need to publicly come out and say what I know most of us are already feeling […]

Video: How Will Smith Bends the Universe Around Him »

Today’s post comes to you from a rocking chair on the front porch of Uncle Pete’s Cabin in Nashville.  Somehow Kara and I managed to leave the girls with her parents and steal a weekend away together.   And loving it by the way! The sun’s about to start setting, and the gorgeous red-head is sitting […]

“I Got Called Out” – A Weird (But Personal) Video Confession »

I have a confession to make… It’s not an easy thing to admit, but I basically have no choice at this point. And frankly I could use your support. So here goes… The Last 4 Days of My Life… …have been monumental for me in so many ways. I’ve just returned (late last night) from […]

How to Sell Your House in a Down Market (or Any Market) in 3 Days »