Friday, May 26th, 2017

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Brad Wozny Review – An Honest Look at 6 Figure Syndication Quick Start (Screw You, Spielberg!)

I’ve had a handful of requests for my take on Brad Wozny’s Six Figure Syndication Secrets quick start deal, which just opened up today for a measly $10 bucks (Ok, $9.95).

So  I finagled my way into an early preview copy of the blueprint he’s offering today, and after personally reviewing  it (yes, personally) the video below contains my honest take, plus the catch I found.

You can get more info from Brad on this at

The fact is I’ve been keeping my eye on this Brad Wozny cat lately, and so far I’ve been rather impressed with most of what I’ve seen. If you’ve been paying attention, then you know I was VERY impressed with his “Shock and Awe” report.  Mind altering stuff IMHO (in a good way 🙂 )

Random Candor…

My fancy film above says it much better, but…

  • I was pleased to find the quick start material is not just a disguised sales pitch, but actually step-by-step and quite practical.  Also challenging, thought provoking and compelling.
  • Be advised that the DVD & CDs are virtually the same…but the content’s still very well done, insightful and usable for any REI biz model.
  • It actually unveils the precise step-by-step of how to amplify your REI endeavors/profits through syndication — a concept typically tinkered with in the commercial arena before now.
  • It’s a great deal and well worth checking out.

I like this a lot because it’s NOT just another REI biz model to distract you from what you’re already doing. Rather it’s a compliment that could really serve to ramp up any REI business model.

Under normal circumstances (without the special promo) I’d assess this at around a $67 to $97 product without hesitation.  Not to shabby for ten bucks.


In addition to giving away his blueprint + CDs/DVD, Brad’s also inviting you to be an insider with him in his own private syndication of buyers, sellers, money folks, etc…  That, and he teaches you how to find deals to buy, sell, finance, etc. and how to get them done.

Continuing with this is optional of course, but also well worth checking out.

Get My Cool Stuff…

Bottom line, this is good stuff.  And if after checking it out, you feel the same way.  I’ve got three rare goodies to reward you with.  Please watch the video above for a better explanation…

The World on a Platter, in 3 Easy Steps…

Step 1) Review it yourself…
Go to Brad’s site and briefly review the details.  It shouldn’t take long before you’ll understand EXACTLY what’s being offered and if/how it fits you and your business.

Step 2) If it “clicks” for you, order his stuff for $10 bucks…
I can honestly say it’s worth more, and your risk couldn’t be any lower…seriously.

Step 3) Claim your 3 goodies from me…
…Which means email me your receipt with the email subject line: “I GOT BRAD’S STUFF”

Final Caution:

If you don’t order through one of the links on this page, then I can’t give you my goodies.  Sorry, that’s just how this thing works.  So please be sure the last link you click before you order is one on this page.


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