I have a Christmas gift for you.  Don’t miss it or you’ll kick yourself…

Please listen to this short message…

Remember Bob Norton?

He’s the former janitor-turned-investor from Detroit I interviewed during my Saturday Workshop Sessions.

He was the one bringing in six figures a month as a “full service wholesaler”, in one of the worst U.S. real estate markets.

Impressive to say the least, this guy’s not a guru — just an REI profit-machine.

Ever wonder what he might be up to these days, since the market turned? Well this Wednesday night is your chance to find out…

Quick Summary:

  • What: “What is Norton’s New Secret-Profits Formula?”
  • How: 60-90 minute interview + Q&A (via teleconference)
  • When: Wednesday 9pm EST / 6pm PST
  • Cost: FREE ($0)

UPDATE: You can listen to the entire session below, or right-click here to download the MP3 for listening offline.

Other Stuff:

  • This is not a sales call. No products to pitch or anything.
  • It’s a step-by-step walk through of a little-known, under-the-radar niche opportunity for real estate investors that’s just recently opened up, and Bob Norton has been quietly doing very, very well with it.
  • This will be a content-rich, educational and entertaining interview. I’m going to ask Bob everything I can think of to understand what he’s doing and how he’s doing it, then I’ll turn it over to you for your own questions as well.
  • Consider it my Christmas gift to you. Merry Christmas. 😀

About Bob Norton:

  • Part of my original “Nada Guru” and “Saturday Workshop” Interview Series
  • Formerly 24yr old janitor turned 6-fig/mo full svs wholesaler in one of the nation’s worst markets in only 4 short years.
  • Has an uncanny ability to see  real estate trends in advance and position himself to capitalize on them
  • Known rep for being very simple and straight forward in his approach to REI

About Bob’s “Secret Profits Formula?”:

  • A little-known opportunity, with sparse competition
  • Should work in almost any U.S. market
  • So profitable that Bob’s turned almost his full attention to it
  • Requires ZERO marketing
  • A very straight-forward profit model
  • Exploits today’s market dynamics
  • The window is still wide open for others to profit from, but won’t last forever
  • Not short sales, REOs, Land, Tax Deeds, luxury homes, Virtual wholesaling, preforeclosure, Web 2.0 or other popular “buzz” topics

I look forward to grilling Bob with you.  😀

UPDATE: You can listen to the entire session below, or right-click here to download the MP3 for listening offline.

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