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Thanks for stopping in. It’s just a little spot for me to share some of what folks have said about me (JP Moses) and/or REItips.com.

I honestly love what I do here, and aim to have a positive impact on as many as might pass through my doorway.

If I’ve had a positive impact on you in some way, I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to send over a video, audio, email or whatever.  For audio, you can use the super testimonial service.

Steve Cook, FlippingHomes.com…

Listen –> [audio:http://click-here-to-listen.com/MEMBERSHIPSITE/MP3/0007/12830511328071.mp3]

“No one delivers real estate investing information like JP Moses. Frankly, most of the information out there is boring. JP brings it alive and makes the information gathering process something that you’d look forward to rather then dread. He is always looking for the newest, best and most cutting edge means to deliver the information in a compelling and informative way.”

Andy Proper (Teamwork Lead System) and Mark Jackson (Investor Comps Online)…

Short Sale Sherpas Shaun McCloskey (Short Sale Wealth) and Cory Boatright (ShortSaleOlogy)…

Alan O’Brien, MyPropFolio…

From random friends, subscribers and colleagues…

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Fred Haug Email


Todd Lease Email

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